Dan Walker warns BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin ‘you’ll get in trouble’ over fitness probe

BBC Breakfast: Louise Minchin asks Joe Wicks for ankle advice

BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin and Dan Walker were joined by PE sensation Joe Wicks as he plans to bring back his workouts for primary school children this week. Louise recently sustained a foot injury and wanted to know how she could get back into fitness asking Joe for advice. However as The Body Coach dished out advice, he co-star Dan warned her to be careful or she’d get in trouble again. 

Louise took an extended break from the programme late last year after she had to have an operation on her foot.

This morning, she confirmed she is looking to slowly get back into exercise as she recovers and went on to probe Joe on where she could start off again. 

Just before the interview came to an end, she asked The Body Coach: “Really quick question –  I won’t be alone in this – I’ve got an injured foot, I can’t run on the spot!

“What can we do instead, if you’re one of the people like me who can’t do that?”

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Joe gave some helpful advice, replying: “If you’ve got an injured foot I would focus on… is it just squats and lunges you can’t do or the impact stuff?

Louise laughed, commenting: “Let’s not go into too many details but just something that doesn’t involve jumping!” 

Dan weighed in, reminding the pair of Louise’s injury, commenting: “You’ll get in trouble with the physiotherapist!”

“I would do a… maybe get some resistance bands and focus on some upper-body strength – shoulder press, bicep curls and what-not,” Joe added.


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