Dan Osborne apologises after telling fans to 'go f*** yourself' as he's accused of breaking lockdown rules

DAN Osborne has apologised for a furious rant where he told followers: "Go f*** yourself."

The fuming star had come under fire from some fans for leaving Kent and travelling for four hours with his family to Driffield, Yorks, to see their puppy Tyson.

In an Instagram video, Dan addressed what he called the one per cent abusing him for making the trip, saying: "Jesus Christ it's ridiculous, what world are we living in?

There's people calling me p***ks, a***holes, as a family calling us that."

The 29-year-old reality star then added bluntly: "Go f*** yourself. You don't know me, I don't know you. You wouldn't call me it to my face."

Dan insisted it was OK for him to make the trip under lockdown rules because he travels around the UK for work and was visiting Yorkshire anyway.

But back home in bed last night, the star said sorry to fans for the four-letter tirade.

Appearing shirtless before going to sleep, he explained: "I'd like to apologise to the 99 per cent of you for my terrible language, that was awful.

"I'm not proud of it. But sometimes it gets my back up. I'm only human. I concentrated on the negative which I shouldn't have done."

The former Towie star explained how he travels around the country as part of his work delivering competition prizes, and this took him to Yorkshire.

While he was close to the dog breeder where he is getting his new puppy, he decided to call in and see it and make sure it would be all right around his young children.

Dan explained he took wife Jacqueline and his daughters Ella, six, and Mia, two along for this reason, but they remained in their car and didn't come into contact with anyone else during the trip.

He insisted: "Now if I did just go and buy a big dog and didn't meet it and had it in the house with the kids without meeting it I would get stick and people saying 'why are you buying a rottweiler without letting it see your kids first?' I can't win in this situation.

"We went outside, looked at a puppy and then drove home. We were in a car, we are not causing any problem to anyone else.

"There is no problem with what I did. I don't know why Total K9 have had the police down there, it's ridiculous."

He continued: "I know I shouldn't have to but I'm just clearing it up. I know 99 per cent of people understand like normal humans but to the one per cent of not normal human beings, there's your explanation."

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