Daisy May Cooper hits back at Celebrity Gogglebox trolls

Daisy May Cooper has hit out at Celebrity Gogglebox trolls criticising her appearance on the reality show.

The This Country star appears alongside her father Paul on the Channel 4 classic, which sees stars reacting to the best telly bits of the past week.

But it seems that one thing Daisy is not here for viewers taking the Mickey, as she came across a mean post on social media and shared it on her Instagram, lambasting the comment and promising not to change for anyone.

The post read: ‘Watching Celebrity Gogglebox and Daisy May Cooper looks like a troll.’

Taking a typically irreverent stance in her response, Daisy posted a video of herself dancing along happily in the face of any and all criticism.

‘Haters gonna hate,’ she said, channelling her inner Taylor Swift, ‘but I’m going to carry on letting my hooters swing.’

You go, girl.

Daisy and her dad Paul made their debut on the programme last Friday.- and its safe to say they were an immediate hit with non-trolling viewers.

And some fans were cackling over the row Daisy got after making a comedic comment on coronavirus.

Daisy went on to explain how she disagreed with the crowds of people going to pubs as she fears it could cause another way of Covid-19.

‘Well we are going to get a second wave (of coronavirus) because of all these bl***y idiots on the street,’ she ranted. ‘And all these bl***y idiots on the beach.’

To which her dad responded: ‘Yeah but your husband was in the pub boozing it up at the weekend.’

Ooooh, awkward.

And just in case you’re wondering, that is Daisy’s actual husband, Will Weston, and not her internet beau, The Sea Captain.

Celebrity Gogglebox airs Fridays from 9pm on Channel 4.

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