Curtis Pritchard accuses C4 of ‘editing out’ his funny jokes during Stand Up And Deliver set

CURTIS Pritchard has accused Channel 4 of "editing out" his funny jokes during his Stand Up And Deliver set that saw him booed offstage.

Viewers were left horrified on Thursday night after watching the dancer's "vulgar career-ending jokes" about sex.

However, the 25-year-old star has hit back at the show's editing after his attempt at stand-up comedy sparked debate.

The Love Island star said he had performed a series of funny jokes that were not aired, adding that only the "worst bits" were shown.

Curtis revealed that contestants' families were able to watch the unedited show in November.

Curtis' brother AJ said: "As a family we have all seen Curtis’ stand up and the edited show that we saw on Thursday.”

Curtis added: “You were watching it on Zoom on the night and you’ve seen my whole act and everybody’s act.”

AJ also admitted that he felt sorry for his brother as the "cringeworthy jokes" were kept in, while his funnier jokes were cut during the editing process.

The Strictly star added: “I was sat down in a nice fireplace in Wales before going into the Castle with Abbie and we watched the full beginning to end of everybody.

"I do feel a bit sorry for you because I feel like the jokes that I accepted and were quite funny were not shown on TV and the jokes that I was a little bit cringed at were shown on TV.”

Curtis then dialled up his parents, Adrian and Debi, to get their thoughts on the recent stand-up show.

Curtis added: “Mum and Dad, what do you bloomin think about this? Because I was watching this on Thursday night and I know I wasn’t the funniest, I know I wasn’t the best but I am telling you I was better than what they showed on that night.

“Or they just showed the worst bits, sorry Channel 4.”

Adrian replied: “I agree with you Curtis and AJ on that, we saw the whole lot and all the jokes may not be everybody's cup of tea but there were some great jokes that were funny but they didn’t want to show them for you Curtis."

The Sun has approached C4 for comment.

The Celebs Go Dating star was among the stars learning stand-up comedy from the professionals for a two-part series in support of Stand Up To Cancer.

The reality show regular was paired up with Loose Women's Judi Love who mentored him ahead of his performance.

But his jokes went down like a lead balloon after he took to the stage in front of both a real and virtual audience to test out his material.

The viewers were less than impressed when Curtis kicked off his set with a series of awkward sex jokes.

Curtis was booed offstage by an angry fan while the other contestants were left baffled by his rude humour.

Debi joked: “I also think the booing man was planted in the audience.”

Curtis replied: “Nonsense mum, I went offstage and I said someone was booing and then Jason Manford said he was not having that ‘it’s for Stand up for Cancer and no one should be booing in the audience’.

"He marched straight into the hall and spoke to the producers of the show and somebody went and asked the guy if he was booing or not. They all came back and said he wasn’t booing, he was cheering me on.”

AJ was left in hysterics at his brother's failed attempt at stand up, joking: “We all saw on Thursday night, a guy with a beer in his hand booing you right off the stage with two thumbs down.” 

Cutis revealed that he was "heartbroken and thrown" after he was cruelly booed offstage.

The reality star kicked off his routine drawing on his Love Island experience but it went downhill from there.

The TV star received a rather mixed response from fans with some commenting that Curtis had "extra cringe factor".

One fan wrote: "A career ending performance from Curtis. Charity or not he came across as a right creep."

Another added: "Blimey. Curtis died about 12 times during that performance."

A third shared: "Curtis is so awkward… the silence is deafening. He went down like a lead balloon."

A fourth posted: "Curtis' act was abysmal and vulgar, very unfunny."

Despite the show not going to plan, mentor Judi Love praised the star for being brave in front of an audience.

She said: "Curtis had a go at interacting with the audience and that was bold.

"Like, if he can hold his head up high then anybody can get on the stage and bomb. He got up there and was so brave and did it all for charity."

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