'Counting On': Joy Duggar Shares Photo of Her Son In Makeup

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth now have their hands full with two kids. The Counting On stars are quickly learning what it’s like to deal with two little ones instead of giving their full attention to one. Duggar recently posted a photo of her son getting into her makeup, but fans were loving that she was so receptive to her little boy trying to wear eyeshadow.

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth just welcomed their second child

Earlier this year, Duggar and Forsyth announced that they were expecting a little girl. Fans love when a new pregnancy is announced, but this one was even more special because Duggar and Forsyth lost a baby girl last year after Duggar suffered a stillbirth at 20 weeks. The two welcomed their daughter, Evelyn Mae, on Aug. 21, two days after Duggar’s original due date.

Fans have loved watching the couple be new parents, but Gideon caring for his sister has been the most captivating. Forsyth revealed his son asks to hold his little sister “about every 10 minutes.” But Gideon has also used his little sister as an opportunity to break into his parents’ things when they’re preoccupied.

Gideon got into some eyeshadow the minute Duggar looked away

During the day, Duggar is a stay-at-home mom while Forsyth runs the couple’s house-flipping and construction business. And she’s learning quickly that caring for two children at once isn’t going to be easy. While Duggar cared for Evelyn, Gideon took it upon himself to get into his mom’s eyeshadow, attempting to put some on his face. Duggar snapped a photo. “This is what life is like with 2 kids,” she wrote.

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This is what life is like with 2 kids!🙃😂

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Fans loved that Gideon was having fun with makeup, as the Duggars’ conservative lifestyle typically means makeup (or any kind of “girly” activity) is off limits for the boys. “A pretty dramatic smokey eye, but efficiently done,” one user commented. “Glad he’s just having fun,” someone else wrote. “Tell him he did a great job! I’d let him even try to do yours for fun,” another person added. Another fan suggested that Duggar “hide the nail polish.”

Will the younger Duggar parents be more progressive with their kids’ upbringing?

Now that the next generation of Duggars is having kids of their own, fans can’t help but wonder if Michelle and Jim Bob’s kids will raise their children differently than how they were raised. This appears to be true for some but not others. Jill Duggar has enrolled her older son in public school, a major change from the homeschooling life the Duggars experienced growing up. Plus, Jinger Duggar is raising her daughter in California and teaching her how to swim and play sports.

Still, some of Michelle and Jim Bob’s kids, such as Jessa, Joseph, and Josiah, appear to be playing by the family’s rulebook. The kids have remained close to home, and nothing so far suggests their children will be raised any differently. Duggar and Forsyth appear to be slipping away from Duggar’s strict family after leaving Counting On earlier this year, but it’s too early to tell.

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