'Counting On' Fans Think Jana Duggar's Recent Photo Hints At a Courtship

Jana Duggar’s love life has always been of interest to fans. The Counting On star chose not to marry young, taking a different path than her other siblings. Now, fans remain fascinated with Duggar’s love life — and can’t help but find any clue that might hint at a courtship.

Jana Duggar’s love life has always drawn curiosity

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised their children unconventionally compared with most American families. The kids are not allowed to date; they can only court, which means entering a relationship with the intention of marrying.

Many of the children marry shortly after they reach courting age, and they usually start having kids by their early twenties. Joy Duggar even wed as a teenager and welcomed her first child when she was 20; Kendra Duggar became pregnant with baby no. 3 at 21. Jana Duggar, who is 30, has yet to enter a courtship, and while 30 is not too old to be married according to most Americans, it’s surprisingly late for the Duggars.

Fans have created their own theories about why Duggar hasn’t wed. Some suggest it’s because Jim Bob and Michelle want her to stick around to help out with the younger children. Others think Duggar has romantic feelings for her best friend, Laura DeMasie, though the family has shut down those rumors.  

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Some fans seem to suggest Duggar’s recent photo could mean she’s in a courtship

When Jana Duggar joined Instagram last year, fans were certain that a courtship was bound to be announced, as the Duggars typically launch Instagram accounts once they enter courtship. Still, more than a year later, Duggar has posted countless photos; none of which feature a potential partner.

Over the weekend, Duggar spent time on Beaver Lake in Arkansas, but her caption had some fans asking questions. “We literally stayed out until the sun went down!” Duggar wrote — and some fans thought the “we” was referring to a mystery man.

“Who’s we??” one fan wrote. “We?????” someone else commented. Others felt fans were reading too far into the post. “All these people are like ‘WE?’ like you aren’t from a family of dozens of people,” someone added, reminding others not to read too far into anything. Still, people wanted to know who Duggar was referring to, since she was the only one on the boat in the photo.

Duggar has spoken out about her relationship status in the past  

For years now, fans have wondered why Duggar hasn’t yet wed, and at times, she has responded to fans’ curiosity. Duggar quoted Michael Bublé when referring to her love life, saying she “just hasn’t met” him yet. Duggar’s family spoke out about the rumors of her being romantically interested in her best friend, Laura DeMasie, confirming there is nothing happening between the two. And Duggar has said on Counting On that she was never in a rush to marry at a young age.

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