Corrie’s Sharon’s dark scheme ‘figured out’ by fans in Harvey maternity twist

Coronation Street fans have predicted Sharon Bentley is up to no good – and some think they’ve figured out her sinister motive in returning to Weatherfield.

Sharon, played by Tracie Bennett, returned to the street after 22 years earlier this week, claiming her husband Ian had left her and she’d battled cancer.

However, her interest in the whereabouts of Leanne Battersby started to raise a red flag, with many convinced she is actually drug lord Harvey’s mother.

Leanne and her family went on the run earlier this month after she exposed drug boss Harvey to the police, going into hiding in a mystery location.

Certain fans took to Twitter to speculate Sharon has lied about having suffered from cancer and instead is intent on tracking down Leanne for Harvey to get revenge.

One fan penned: "I think Sharon might be Harvey's mum or she's connected to him in some way because she's interested in Leanne for some reason. Sharon's 56. She was 17 when she left, unless she had Harvey before she got fostered or when she left. Age pending. #Corrie #CoronationStreet."

"Sharon is still up to no good. I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. She's very shifty the cancer story sounds fake to me," added a second.

A third wrote: "I think Sharon is still dodgy. idk what it is, but I think she’s got something to do with Harvey & is after Leanne and Simon."

"I’m calling it now, Sharon is working with Harvey to find Leanne and Simon!*! #Corrie," added a fourth, while a fifth remarked: "I think Sharon lied about the cancer too.. I know it sounds horrible of me to say that but she’s so dodgy it’s unbelievable the little funny looks on her face in pub to Rita…"

On Friday's episode, Rita Sullivan arranged for Sharon to head out for drinks with her other foster children – Jenny Connor and Gemma Winter.

Jenny and Gemma were initially suspicious of Sharon, finding her sudden return strange and wondering whether she was out to get Rita's money.

However, as they all bonded over a glass of wine in the bistro, the tension faded and Jenny appeared to soften towards Sharon.

Ever the good samaritan, Rita invited Sharon to move in with her, pointing out everyone deserved a second chance in life.

Will Rita come to regret her generosity?

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