Coronation Street’s Peter Barlow suicide fears as he fights booze addiction

Coronation Street has shown Peter Barlow’s (played by Chris Gascoyne) descent into alcoholism in recent episodes of the ITV soap, but the character’s battle is about to come to a head next week when his friends and family fear he is suicidal.

Cobbles staple Ken Barlow (William Roach) despairs as he tried to get through to his son, even begging all the local pubs and shops not to serve his son.

But Peter continues to ignore his concerned dad, turning to the bottle everyday.

When the Barlow family come together as a whole to try and help the struggling alcoholic, it does little to help.

Angry by Adam (Sam Robertson) and Tracy’s (Kate Ford) meddling, Peter’s addiction gets completely out of control and it isn’t until Carla (Alison King) gets involved that her ex-husband begins to listen.

But while the business owner is relieved to hear Peter say he forgives her for cheating on him with Adam, it later turns to horror as she sees he’s written a suicide note to Simon Barlow (Alex Bain).

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Peter tries to assure Carla it’s actually a farewell to his son, insisting he’s come to the realisation he’s going to die.

But it only spurs the character on to help her former love, and she reads the devastating letter out loud to Simon in front of his dad.

Despite urging Peter to get help before it’s too late, Carla’s words do little to stop him carrying on his dark path.

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Finally hitting rock bottom, Peter lashes out at his worried dad, who’s come searching for him, in a hotel bar.

Repulsed by his actions, Peter breaks down in front of his elderly dad and admits the truth – he’s desperate to give up the drink but can’t do it alone.

In a devastating twist of fate, Peter’s realisation could come too late as Ken discovers his son having a seizure.

The doctors warn that unless Peter manages to reduce his drinking gradually, he could drop dead, explaining that his liver has suffered immense damage.

Carla and the Barlows rally around their loved one, but will it be enough to force Peter to change his life once and for all?

Or will it all be too late for the fan-favourite character?

Coronation Street continues Wednesday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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