Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd drives £41k Mustang to Sainsbury’s as he shops with girlfriend Hanni – The Sun

CORONATION Street's Jack P Shepherd drove his £41,000 Mustang to Sainsbury's after shopping with his girlfriend Hanni.

The pair looked casual as they stepped out to pick up their groceries in Manchester on Thursday.

Jack, 32, wore a yellow shirt with black chinos and Converse trainers as he carried beers to his car.

Meanwhile, girlfriend Hanni wore a white frilly summer dress with black boots and a brown handbag.

After getting things out of the impressive car, the couple made their way back to their house.

Most impressive of all is Jack's huge lockdown beard, that he's let grow over the months.

He used the beard as he impersonated Wolverine in one of his hilarious Instagram videos.

The David Platt actor has been spending his free time creating homages to various movies.

So last week he let his hair go wild in homage to the clawed X-Men character and even grew a beard, as he growled his way through a video while gripping knives and forks.

When he turned the camera around he revealed he'd been watching Hollywood star Hugh Jackman running on set as he practised for a Wolverine scene.

Huffing and puffing, Jack sweated buckets and showed fans his rippling frame while copying Hugh's aggressive moves in the Marvel franchise.

Jack shared the clip on Instagram and asked Aussie Hugh: "Do I get the part? @thehughjackman"

His fans were obsessed with his efforts and one joked: "Very good but the KNIVES AND FORKS!!!!!"

Another joked: "Lockdown going well mate?"

Jack's lockdown videos haven't always gone down well with girlfriend Hanni.

He joked he nearly split up with the PR girl after they made a Love Actually dance homage.

The actor delighted fans by recreating Hugh Grant's prime minister's dance moves in his house.

However he enlisted girlfriend Hanni in helping him film the short viral and behind the scenes it was less polished.

Speaking on his podcast the Sofa Cinema Club, Jack said: "I put the Love Actually Hugh Grant dance out on all the socials, it was very funny.

"I nearly split up with my girlfriend in the process though. It's hard. As she's got to be in it, she's the secretary at the end that catches me doing the dancing.

"And, yeah, I was being a director and losing my temper a bit about cues and timing. I proper did.

"I was there doing it and going, 'No, you come in on this bit,' and I'm doing the crab dance [laughs]. It was funny."

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