Coronation Streets heartbreaking moments – tram horror to Vera Duckworth death

Weatherfield has been hit with another heartbreaking death in Coronation Street as Laura Neelan (Kel Allen) sadly passed away in emotional scenes which aired last week.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Laura was determined to reconcile with her daughter Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson).

However, her health deteriorated and Gary Windas (Mikey North), who viewers know is responsible for Laura husband Rick's death, tried to persuade Kelly to visit her mum one last time

Things haven't been the same between the mother and daughter since Laura confessed to Rick's murder so Gary could continue to look after Kelly when she died.

Laura sadly passed away and Kelly missed her last chance to see her mum.

Following Laura's exit from the soap, Daily Star taken a look at Coronation Street's most heartbreaking moments.

Tram crash

Soap anniversaries usually come with their fair share of dramatic moments – but Coronation Street's 50th anniversary saw the death of many fan favourites too.

Beloved Weatherfield butcher Ashley Peacock was one of the residents to die in a tragic tram crash, leaving fans in tears as the long serving resident left the cobbles for good – several years after the murder of his wife Maxine.

Ashley had been in the Joinery Bar celebrating Peter Barlow's stag night, but a tram derailment caused the roof to collapse and in a moment of heroism, Ashley held part of the roof up so Peter and Nick to escape – knowing that he would die instead.

The tram crash also claimed the life of Molly Dobbs, and further shock was to follow, as Molly Dobbs revealed to Sally Webster in her dying breaths that she had an affair with Sally's husband Kevin – and that he was the father of her baby.

Vera Duckworth's sudden death

Jack and Vera Duckworth were inseparable on the cobbles, with the couple providing much needed comic relief throughout their time in Weatherfield.

However Vera's death would be one of the most devastating, after Vera asked Jack to spend the evening with her instead of going to the Rovers' Return.

Jack told Vera he would not be long, but after he returned home, he discovered that Vera had died in her sleep from heart failure – leaving Jack – and many viewers – inconsolable.

Kylie Platt's murder

Viewers have been with David Platt every step of the way as the character faced many dramatic and heartbreaking moments, including the tragic death of wife Kylie.

Kylie and David were preparing to leave for a new life in Barbados, wishing their families well before beginning their new life together with son Max.

Sadly as they were about to depart, the couple were caught up in an armed robbery gone wrong and Kylie was stabbed – saying to husband David: "Tell the kids I love them," before dying in his arms.

David's heartbroken cries were felt by viewers at home, with the character struggling to come to terms with the loss of his wife in the months to follow.

Hayley Cropper dies beside husband Roy

Hayley and Roy Cropper were one of Coronation Street's most beloved couples and fans were in disbelief when they knew they would be separated, following Hayley's death.

Hayley had previously been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and although a tumour was removed, the disease became aggressive and she was given less than a year to live.

In January 2014, Hayley later decided to take her own life and after the couple reminisced about the past, Hayley died in her husband's arms.

Sinead Tinker dies from cancer

Sinead Tinker storyline left viewers in tears, after she died surrounded by her family following a long battle with cervical cancer.

A one-hour episode was broadcast in October 2019 about Sinead, in which she took her last breaths while husband Daniel Osbourne held their son Bertie.

In the moments before, she had told Daniel she was not ready to go and feared that her son would not remember her, as well as telling Daniel to move on once she had died, saying: "Don't forget about me, but do forget about me," before taking his hand.

She later died during a bedtime story for Bertie, with Daniel bursting into tears before the scene faded to black.

Vera Duckworth's ghost 'dances' with husband Jack

Two years after the death of love of his life Vera Duckworth, husband Jack was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

He spent his last remaining months with his family including Tyrone Dobbs, before his health deteriorated while at home – leading to one of the soap's most tear-jerking moments of all time.

In his final moments, viewers were left in floods of tears as the ghost of late wife Vera appeared in front of him, with the couple sharing a romantic dance together as Jack made his emotional exit from Coronation Street.

Rana Habeeb dies on her wedding day

Rana Habeeb and Kate Connor's relationship looked set to go the distance, after the couple tied the knot – but their happiness sadly did not last.

A dramatic factory collapse, caused by Gary Windass, trapped Rana in the rubble and in her final moments, she said goodbye to her new wife.

Her emotional final scenes saw Rana die as she held Kate's hand, still wearing their wedding dresses as their happy day turned to tragedy.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 8pm

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