Coronation Street's Ben Price admits he breaks down crying over Oliver's death storyline

CORONATION Street star Ben Price has admitted he is left crying over the Oliver death storyline.

The actor – who plays Oliver's stepfather Nick in the ITV soap – has been struggling to cope with the heartbreaking plot that has seen Oliver suffer from life-limiting mitochondrial disease.

Speaking to The Sun Online and other media, Ben admitted that as a father he is left emotional by the scenes.

He said: "It’s hard. I’ve got kids, it’s hard. It’s great and it’s important, but I’d be lying if I don’t go home at night sometimes and read the next bunch of scripts or the next scenes and have a little cry.

"You feel it, you’ve got to, you’re paid to feel it. On the whole it’s fine, you turn it off, but sometimes Jane does something or someone does something where it just cuts you.

"And Jane’s a mum. But that’s what we’re here to do and that’s what I want. It’s a great story, what an amazing story, Oliver and that’s hard enough, but then they weave all these other things in."

The storyline took a shock twist on Friday when Nick discovered his ex Natasha was secretly a mother to a nine year old boy – his son.

Ben explained: "it’s a bit overwhelming for Nick, he likes a bit of prove so he’s got to work it out, then he’s thinking 'How can that be possible?'

"Then there’s a whole load of emotions about whether she was lying and what lies were told, and then there’s guilt for him not being there, guilt about Leanne and what’s going on with Oliver.

"Once it’s confirmed to him or once he works it out and realises, it’s huge, it pole axes him. It’s very clever, it’s an amazing storyline, but what a time to find out you really do have a son, and your stepson is dying.

"I think it’s too much for him, I think he compartmentalises Natasha and Leanne for a while, he can’t deal with both."

And when he does – Nick's faced with an impossible situation and he may have to fight for both of his children.

Ben added: "Yes, he’s over the moon. But how can you be over the moon.

"It’s a completely messed up situation, I go from scenes of being completely elated to completely devastated when I realise Oliver’s going to die, to completely devastated that my son might not love me, to the point where I’m scared that Natasha might take him away, and I know what Nick’s like, he won’t let that happen, he’ll fight."

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