Coronation Street: Why hasn't Yasmeen found Geoff's hidden camera?

CORONATION Street fans are baffled as to why Yasmeen hasn’t come across Geoff’s hidden security cameras in their home despite her cleaning sprees.

Viewers of the ITV soap were left fearing that Geoff will have heard Yasmeen ring the police about accessing information on his past under Clare’s law on last night's episode.

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Why hasn’t Yasmeen found Geoff’s hidden video camera yet in Corrie?

Last night’s episode had fans cheering as Yasmeen finally walked out on Geoff, despite his efforts to stand in her way.

But as she headed to Alya’s after standing up for herself to tell her granddaughter that she'd left him, Geoff sent her a series of manipulative texts threatening to take his own life. 

One message read: “Don't be surprised if I'm dead when you get home."

Yasmeen panicked as she processed the last one which read: “I love you goodbye.”

A distraught Yasmeen then returned to the house to find bits of glass and drops of blood.

But while she frantically searched for him – worried that he’d harmed himself – Geoff was shown watching Yasmeen on his phone from the pub.

Corrie fans will of course know that Geoff has installed hidden cameras in their home which he's been using to spy on Yasmeen for months.

The brute later returned to the house and lied that Yasmeen didn't need to worry, and that the blood was from where he'd cut his finger on the broken photo frame.

But fans are baffled as to why Yasmeen hasn't found the cameras during her manic cleaning sprees.

One fan tweeted: "How is it that Yasmeen hasn't found the cameras that Geoff installed considering that she does so much cleaning and tidying #CoronationStreet."

Another added: "Geoff walks in after being at a bar & Yasmeen didn't smell it on his breathe. Yasmeen cleans that house of every spec of dust but hasn't found hidden cameras???"

A third said: "Coronation street is starting to really fucking annoy me. Yasmeen cleans absolutely everywhere and you are telling me she hasn’t spotted that damn camera? Make it make fucking sense if you’re going to do a story like this. #CoronationStreet."

Is Geoff’s camera going to be discovered in Corrie?

There's no word from Corrie bosses as to whether Geoff's camera is going to be uncovered in upcoming scenes.

But with Yasmeen still doubting her own memories and judgements and hanging on Geoff's every word, fans are desperate for her to come across Geoff's creepy cameras and realise he's abusing her.

One fan tweeted: "All Yasmeen needs to do is find the hidden cameras Geoff has placed around the house! EVIDENCE! #Corrie."

Another added: "Please let Geoff be found out for the despicable controlling bully he is. Wednesday's episode showed him very remorseful after his son had released Yasmeen from the box, but I didn't believe his crocodile tears. The video camera needs to be found too."

And with Yasmeen set to be charged with attempted murder, the cameras could be the key to Yasmeen getting justice and proving that Geoff has been abusing her.

Did spying Geoff see Yasmeen call the police?

After Geoff returned home, he and Yasmeen appeared to put the past behind them. 

But it soon became clear that Yasmeen still had her doubts about her husband as she scuttled off upstairs and called the police about accessing information under Clare’s law.

Viewers are concerned that Geoff will have seen her calling the police and that he'll always be able to keep one step ahead of her. 

One fan said: "Is Geoff spying on Yasmeen on the phone to the police? #Corrie."

But with exact plot details being kept under wraps, fans will have to find out whether Yasmeen got away with the call.

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