Coronation Street spoilers: Max to take drastic action as David Platt slips up again?

David Platt (played by Jack P Shepherd) has been dealt his fair share of bad luck during his time on ITV’s Coronation Street. And things seem to be going from bad to worse for the hairdresser, causing him to spiral out of control.

But is his turbulant behaviour starting to affect those that need him the most?

Is he losing sight of his responsibilities?

Fans know that David has been acting out of sorts recently, mostly down to his wife Shona (Julia Golding).

After she was shot at the Christmas Fayre last year by deranged buisnessman Derek Milligan (Craig Els), she woke from her induced coma with severe amnesia, leaving her unable to recognise David or her loved ones.

The pair were only married weeks before that fateful evening, but even their wedding album didn’t jog her memory.


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Unfortunately for the newly-weds, she ceases to remember anything about her former life due to the brain injury she sustained during the shootout.

Shona has since refused to see David and demanded a divorce, as the situation is too distressing for her to handle while she tries to recover.

And the repercussions of her decision have hit David hard.

With his torment driving him to cheat, turn to alcohol and randomly disappear to unknown locations, David is really starting to worry his family.

And it’ll become apparent that his actions are impacting the relationship he has with his adopted son Max (Harry McDermott).

In scenes set to air next week, David disappears once again and refuses to tell his mother Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) where he’s going.

Hours later, he returns home hiding a tattered shirt.

It’s clear David is concealing something other than the clothing, but what has he got himself into?

That evening, Nick organises a family meal to which his brother promises to make, but ends up falling asleep.

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When he wakes up, he checks the time and is left horrified when he realises he’s missed Max’s speech at the Outreach Awards.

Poor Max has to hide his disappointment that his dad’s chair is empty, and upon returning home he quizzes David as to where he was.

Coming up with an excuse, David is beyond apologetic but has Max had enough of his dad’s erratic behaviour?

Will he do something drastic to make David wake-up and get himself together for the sake of his family?


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Elsewhere on the cobbles, Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) might be set to discover the truth about loan shark Rich Neelan’s (Greg Wood) death.

Her villainous boyfriend Gary Windass (Mikey North) killed him in a struggle last year and concealed his body in the woods.

He might have gotten away with it too, until the return of his daughter Kelly (Millie Gibson), who’s back in Weatherfield to find her missing dad.

For a while now fans have been hoping Maria will see Gary for who he really is and in last night’s episode, she might be starting to piece it all together.

It’s been teased for some time that the loan shark’s death was going to rear its head again and haunt Gary to no end, but will this really be the downfall of the villainous builder?

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7:30pm on ITV.

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