Coronation Street spoilers: Escort Nicky worried as Daniel becomes obsessed with her

ESCORT Nicky starts to pull away from Daniel next week in Coronation Street when she realises he’s getting emotionally attached.

Nicky – who is played by Kimberly Hart-Simpson on the ITV soap – will suggest he speaks to his friends and family instead of wasting his time and money on her after he cooks her a meal.

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Corrie fans know that Daniel has been confiding in newcomer Nicky about the tragic death of his wife Sinead after she lost her battle to cancer. 

But viewers were devastated when his grief took a dark turn last month as Daniel got the escort to wear his late wife's purple cardigan and spray on her perfume. 

The grieving husband then lay with her on the bed, while Nicky reminded him that they could do a lot more for the £150 an hour he’s paying her.

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Daniel call Nicky and beg to see her later. 

When Nicky reluctantly agrees that she can spare an hour at 5pm, Daniel goes over the top thanking her. 

Later, Nicky arrives for her appointment at Daniel’s flat and realises with dismay that he’s cooked them a meal. 

As Daniel gives her Sinead’s cardigan, Nicky tries to cover up her unease. 

At the end of the appointment, Nicky gently tells Daniel he’d be better off talking to friends and family than wasting his money on her. 

But as she heads off, it’s clear Daniel is becoming besotted with her. 

Will Nicky grow tired of Daniel and cut all ties with the widower?

Actor Rob Mallard – who plays Daniel on the ITV soap – told TV Times that Daniel is yet to grieve properly for Sinead and face up to her death. 

He explained: “When Daniel is on the cobbles or with his family, he is acting as though he has found a way to move forward.

“The reality is that behind closed doors he hasn't moved on at all.” 

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