Coronation Street spoilers: Eileen Grimshaw asks George Shuttleworth out after son Todd schemes

Eileen Grimshaw asks George Shuttleworth out after her son Todd schemes to bring them together next week in Coronation Street. 

Undertaker George dumped Eileen after she destroyed Gail’s dad Ted’s funeral last month. 

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But next week, Todd hatches a plan to get them back together when Eileen calls at the undertakers and he realises that George fancies his chances with her.

In the undertakers, Todd tells George that he reckons Eileen has taken a shine to him – and that she referred to him as classy and dignified.

Later, Todd persuades Eileen to invite George round for dinner later.

George is thrilled but will everything go to plan?

Corrie viewers know that Eileen has had the hots for the undertaker since his arrival in October 2020, when he staged a fake funeral for Todd. 

But Eileen was quickly upstaged by her enemy Gail Platt, who captured George’s attention when she discovered they shared a set of great grandparents.

Eileen was flabbergasted when she walked into the Rovers to find George flirting with Gail. 

But as Eileen and Gail locked horns, George looked horrified and was left wondering what he’d got himself into. 

This week, viewers will see Todd continuing to reel after being rejected by his ex Billy in recent scenes.

Eileen begs her son to stay when he announces that there’s nothing left for him on the cobbles anymore. 

Meanwhile, Paul confesses his true feelings for Billy and admits he still loves him and wants to make another go of things. 

If Billy reciprocates Paul’s feelings, how will Todd react?

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