Coronation Street fans beg Yasmeen not to kill Geoff saying he needs to be exposed as an abusive monster – The Sun

CORONATION Street fans are begging Yasmeen not to kill Geoff as he needs to be exposed as an abusive monster.

Viewers want the twisted villain to be held accountable for his months of sick abuse that most recently culminated in Yasmeen being forced to have sex with him.

Yasmeen will soon end up in the dock accused of murdering Geoff, but it remains to be seen if she will be found guilty.

Writing in a fan forum, one viewers posted: "I don’t want her to kill him. That would be too easy a way to end it. He just needs to be exposed as a calculating bully and be punished for his crimes.

Another agreed, sharing: "don’t want her to kill him, why does everything in Corrie have to result in murder?

"It’d be more satisfying for him to be found out, humiliated and disowned by his family and friends and leave or be prosecuted for some sort of abuse."

While a third posted: "I really hope it doesn't go down the path of Yasmeen killing Geoff. I want to see her regain herself confidence and control of her own life and expose Geoff. It would be a lazy and predictable end if she kills Geoff…so probably the way Corrie will go."

Viewers were horrified on Friday night when Geoff forced Yasmeen into sex – despite her being in obvious pain.

The abuser – who is played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – has given his wife chlamydia after he cheated on her with a succession of prostitutes – but she is yet to know that.

Instead she has been left in considerable pain from it and Geoff’s manipulations have left her even weaker.

In Friday's episode Geoff caused a row between Yasmeen and her friend Cathy, alienating her further.

And after he’d done that he tricked her into believing she only needed him in her life to be happy – and then he pounced.

Turning the television off he told her he wanted them to have an early night, but she declined pointing out how ill she was.

But despite Yasmeen’s obvious distress and discomfort, Geoff grabbed her hand and took her upstairs – clearly against her will.

“I’m not feeling that great, I’m serious,” Yasmeen said.

“So am I,” replied Geoff as he took her upstairs.

Viewers were left horrified and sickened by the scene and were desperate for Yasmeen to escape.

This week Yasmeen will nearly kill Geoff by whacking him in the neck with a wine bottle in a dramatic showdown.

The chef – who is played by actress Shelley King in the ITV soap – leaves him for dead after he gives her chlamydia from one of his escorts.

Corrie viewers have watched in horror as Geoff has abused Yasmeen for months on end, grinding her down and making her doubt her own feelings and judgements.

The brute has also isolated her from her friends and family while sleeping around with escorts.

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