Coronation Street Christmas and New Year 2020: spoilers, times and schedule

CORONATION Street fans better prepare themselves for an action-packed Christmas on the cobbles as Rick Neelan’s daughter Kelly makes a dramatic comeback and risks exposing Gary Windass’ killer secret. 

Here’s all the spoilers you need for the ITV soap’s Christmas and New Year 2020 episodes…

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Monday December 21 – 7:30pm

Leanne is consumed with grief as she starts packing away Oliver’s things, but chaos descends when Natasha reveals that Sam has gone missing after she told him they’re moving to London. 

Meanwhile, Shona tries to make things up for David after getting locked in the Bistro with Simon. 

Things worsen for David, however, when Ray reveals that David better drop his campaign against the planning application or he’ll report Shona to the police. 

Monday December 21 – 8:30pm

Following Leanne’s instructions, Nick tells a tearful Sam that moving in with him and Leanne isn’t a possibility right now. 

Elsewhere, Todd finds Billy drinking alone in the Rovers and comforts him when he admits he’s been abandoned by Paul.

David devastates Shona when he tells her maybe it’s time to admit their marriage isn’t working. Is this the end of the road for the pair?

Wednesday December 23 – 7:30pm

The walls close in around Gary as the police haul him in for questioning regarding Rick Neelan’s disappearance. 

Leanne tries to play happy families for the sake of Nick by preparing a Christmas dinner for him and Sam. 

But when she spots Sam playing with Oliver’s music box, she loses control and lashes out at the youngster. 

Leanne suggests that Nick moves out and finds somewhere to live with Sam. Is this really what she wants?

Wednesday December 23 – 8:30pm

Sarah is furious when Gary is released after the police fail to find enough evidence to arrest him and accuses him of moving Rick’s body to save his own skin. 

Maria overhears their argument and suspects there’s more to the story than Gary’s letting on – and chucks him out!

Billy is furious when he learns that Paul lied to him about the situation with Will, and even more irritated when he realises Todd was in the loop. 

Christmas Eve – 7:45pm

Rick’s daughter Kelly calls at Maria’s flat and tearfully tells her that Gary is the only person in contact with her dad.

Maria summons Gary, who rushes over thinking Maria wants him back. 

When Kelly and Maria quiz him about Rick, Gary insists he hasn’t had any contact with him for ages. 

Toyah and Imran get a call from social services asking them if they can foster a baby right away. 

Christmas Day – 7pm (60-minute episode)

Corrie’s Christmas Day 60-minute extravaganza will see more complications arise for Shona and David as Lily gets a jewellery bead stuck up her nose and they have to rush her to hospital. 

When they return, Shona loses it when David flirts with newcomer Daisy and storms off. 

David finds her wallowing in her sorrows at Victoria Gardens, where the pair eventually admit they’re still in love with each other. 

In emotional scenes, David and Shona then recreate their wedding day – which Shona can’t remember due to her memory loss from last year’s Christmas shooting – with the help of Max and Lily. 

Leanne ignores Toyah’s calls and hides away in her flat. 

Monday December 28 – 7:30pm (60 minute episode)

Daniel is horrified to find Peter throwing up in Victoria Gardens and rings an ambulance. Will Peter, who’s been told another drink could kill him, survive?

Meanwhile, Toyah is devastated when she has to hand baby Mason back to social services.

Todd is back to his old tricks as he tries to make Billy jealous by dating Paul’s boss at the helpline.

Wednesday December 30 – 7:30pm (60-minute episode)

Disaster strikes as Paul is arrested after running to Will’s rescue and attacking a man who he believes is his dad. 

With Paul behind bars – and no one realising who really put him there – Todd worms his way into Billy’s flat and lends him a shoulder to cry on. 

Adam causes a stir when he accuses Gary of digging up Rick’s body in front of Faye Windass.

New Year’s Eve – 8:30pm

Sarah and Adam decide to give their relationship a fresh start on New Year’s Day. 

Ray and Debbie won’t give up and give Nick an offer for Underworld they know he can’t resist.  

Meanwhile, Tim struggles with traumatic memories from his childhood, Paul is released and reunites with Billy and a reckless Peter discharges himself from hospital. 

New Year’s Day – 8pm (60-minute episode)

The residents are delighted when Ray’s development plans are rejected by the council, but the villain announces he’s not defeated yet. 

Meanwhile, Carla begs Peter to let her look after him, and Steve and Tim busy themselves organising a fun run for Oliver’s charity.

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