Coronation Street battle-axe Evelyn Plummer replaced as she moves out of No.9?

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Evelyn (played by Maureen Lipman) has been living at No.9 Coronation Street since she first arrived on the cobbles over three years ago. She originally lived with her grandson and his partner, Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine), but in recent months she has been living solely with the latter after Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) had an affair with Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu). However, it seems her time could be up as a newcomer will arrive on the ITV soap very soon and will upset the applecart but will the battle-axe really be replaced or will she put up a fight?

The drama kicks off next week as Fiz continues to build a relationship with her new love interest, Phill Whittaker (Jamie Kenna).

In recent episodes, the mother of two has been seen proposing to her boyfriend he can stay over several nights a week if he wished.

Mysterious Phill happily accepted but in upcoming scenes, he will move in altogether when he tells his girlfriend his boiler has broken down.

Not wanting him out in the cold, the soap stalwart invites him to stay for just a few days and he starts to get his feet stuck firmly under the table.

So much so he asks his mother Mimi around for dinner and it will be clear his other half will be surprised at the thought of meeting her future mother-in-law.

When the newcomer arrives, it will be evident she is extremely posh and Fiz ends up berating her boyfriend for not telling her about how upper class his mother is.

It’s not too long after she makes her arrival that Mimi starts to take control of her son’s new relationship by saying she will organise him a birthday party.

Having felt it was her role to get everything sorted, Fiz is horrified by the interjection and it seems this is going to be the first hurdle she is going to have to face in her new relationship.

However, what might start as staying over for a few days could see Phill move in altogether over the next few months as the boiler work is constantly delayed.

Of course, this could mean his mother is going to be a frequent visitor but feeling No.9 is now his home, he could ask Mimi to come and live with him.

[Evelyn] is formidable

Maureen Lipman

No.9 isn’t the biggest house on the cobbles by any stretch of the imagination and so Fiz will have to whittle down the numbers.

Having just moved Phill in and not wanting to ruin the start of her new relationship, the mother of two could reluctantly agree to let Mimi stay.

As her romance with Tyrone seems to be dead in the water, the soap stalwart could explain to Evelyn she needs her to move out.

Discussing the matter of why she needs to vacate the premises, Fiz could tell her Mimi needs the room she has been living in.

Not one to take matters lying down, the battle-axe could make it clear she is not going anywhere and will not be replaced.

However, Fiz could draft in Tyrone to explain why his grandmother needs to leave the house and why they need to get on with their lives.

Admitting defeat, Evelyn could agree to be replaced and move out so she and Tyrone can find a new place of their own.

Having settled in No.9, it would be the end of an era for the battle-axe as she thought this is where she would spend the rest of her days.

Unfortunately, Fiz could be wanting Evelyn back sooner than first thought as living with Mimi could quickly become unbearable.

Will the soap stalwart immediately regret forcing her former lover’s grandmother to move out?

Ahead of Mimi’s arrival on the cobbles, the actress who plays Fiz, Jennie, has teased trouble on the horizon for her character.

Speaking about meeting more of Phill’s family, the soap star explained: “Phill seems like a great character, but we are going to meet his mother – and her dog!

“She offers Fiz lunch but says, ‘You can’t have a slice of chicken because that’s for the dog’. This is the kind of thing Fiz is up against!”

The interview with Inside Soap suggests the two women are not going to see eye to eye at all but only time will tell if they can move on from their differences.

Could moving in together bring them closer or will it create a greater divide, putting Fiz’s new relationship on the line?

The actress who plays Evelyn, Dame Maureen Lipman, has spoken out about her feisty alter-ego and teased she won’t budge if she thinks she has a right to stay.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the soap star said: “I think they have been trying to give Evelyn a whole new side for a while, but I like the old her.

“I am not keen on [the] idea of softening her. I think it is a good balance to have someone who can speak her mind.

“When you watch the old episodes, you watch them and they talk at the speed of the typewriter, as it was written on a typewriter. So bring a bit of that back.

“She is formidable and I think she should stay formidable.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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