Clues hinting at Line of Duty Hs real identity from hidden pictures to props

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Line of Duty fans were left doing a double-take on Sunday evening, as H’s identity was finally revealed in history-making scenes.

Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells has been unmasked as The Fourth Man, who has been working alongside the OCG while inside the police force.

Watching the big reveal go down at home, viewers took to Twitter to express their shock, with many left feeling blindsided by H's reveal.

However, there have been a number of clues dropped over the years pointing to Buckells, played by Nigel Boyle, as the mysterious crooked copper.

Below are the biggest clues that have featured over the years, hinting Buckells is the baddie we have been looking for.

Gail Vella investigation

DSI Buckells returned to Line of Duty in season six when he was appointed the head of the team tasked with investigating Gail Vella’s murder.

However, the investigation has been dragged out over the course of the season, leading many to wonder whether why Buckells and his team are taking so long.

The investigation might be a clue Ian is H, and he potentially slowed down proceedings as a deliberate act as part of the OCG.

Golf clubs

Back in March, eagle-eyed Line of Duty fans spotted a set of golf clubs in Ian’s office, hinting he shared something in common with H.

H is known to have a passion for golfing, with fans often referring to the Fourth Man as the "caddy".

Watching the scene play out, viewers took to Twitter to predict Buckells would be exposed as H, with one penning: "Buckles is H. We already know him. He gets promoted faster than anyone else. He’s not really competent yet flies up the ladder. Always called in on ops involving bent coppers. HAS GOLF CLUBS IN HIS OFFICE."

"Didn’t know Buckles plays golf? H Caddy," added a second.

Elsewhere, reinforcing the idea Buckells is a keen golfer, viewers spotted a framed picture of a person swinging a golf club against a sunset on the wall of his office.

Hiring Ryan Pilkington

Ryan Pilkington sent chills down viewers’ spines this season, as his campaign of terror saw him attempt to drown two people before turning his gun on Kate Fleming.

He was eventually shot dead, but Ian Buckells’ link with the bent copper has led to some suspicion.

Earlier in the series, Jo Davidson claimed Pilkington was transferred to Hillside Lane upon Buckles’ request – linking him with the murderous policeman.

DI Cottan confession

Back in season one, viewers learned DI Cottan was a crooked policeman after witnessing a conversation play out between him and Buckells.

It came after Tommy Hunter (Brian McCardie) was arrested for his links to the OCG, with Buckles inviting Cottan into his office to speak with him in private.

Cottan was eventually outed as a bent copper, hinting Buckells may have been working alongside him.

Paperwork mishap

Ian's name had been thrown into the ring as a potential "H" suspect in the past after he messed up some paperwork at the beginning of the season.

His shoddy mistake gave the OCG the chance to swap Terry Boyle into Carl Banks's home, with chaos ensuing.

Was this another clue Buckells was pulling some dangerous strings from within the police force?

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