Check Out The Parks And Recreation Special Here, For A Good Cause

In order to raise money for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the cast of Parks and Recreation have teamed up with Feeding America for a special.

The episode revolves around the characters from the series involved in a “phone tree” to keep in contact with each other during the pandemic. Additionally, some of the characters appear on talk shows like At Home with Joan. You can watch the whole special below.

The Parks and Rec special features Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe, Jason Mantzoukas, and more reprising their roles from the series. The special came together very quickly, with its announcement coming a week before it aired.

You can make a donation to Feeding America on the website. The minimum donation is $5, which will go to food banks across the country. “NBC’s Parks and Recreation returns for a one-time special created specifically to raise funds for Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund, which enables food banks across the U.S. to serve individuals facing hunger during this pandemic,” states the Feeding America website. “State Farm, Subaru of America, NBCUniversal, and the Parks and Recreation writers/producers/cast are matching donations made through May 21. All together, they will give up to $500,000 in matching donations.”

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