Charlotte Dawson gives birth to son Noah on Celebrity Bumps as she films EVERYTHING for fans

CHARLOTTE Dawson gives birth to her son Noah in the upcoming episode of MTV’s Celebrity Bumps.

The 28-year-old previously revealed she had filmed everything and viewers will finally be able to see her incredible child birthing journey.

Charlotte, who gave birth to Noah in  January, is seen being wheeled into a delivery room for a forceps delivery while her worried fiance Matt Sarsfield, 29, looks on concerned.

He tells the cameras: “Charlotte has been pushing for a very long time now and it's not happening. The midwives just want to get him out.

“I'm starting to panic – I'm worried about them both.

“It's very daunting. We have even had to sign a form in case anything goes wrong. It's very serious. All I want is Charlotte and Noah to be safe!”

A preview clips then shows the magical moment Noah arrives into the world as the couple both burst into tears.

Noah is then seen snuggling up to Charlotte who looks completely overwhelmed with happiness and disbelief at having a baby.

Speaking on camera later, Matt says: “It doesn't feel real. It's one of the best feelings in the world!”

Charlotte previously revealed that Matt had been wearing a bodycam during the birth to make sure they captured it all. 

She teased: "You definitely see my intimate moments!

"Matthew had a bodycam on so we just kind of forgot about it and we had a few complications with the birth, you will find out."

Charlotte added to MailOnline: "You see everything, literally! It's such a beautiful moment when it all happened, that pain just goes away."

Since becoming a mum Charlotte has continued to keep it real for fans.

Yesterday she raised laughs as she striped to her underwear to eat Nutella from the jar. 

She told her followers: : "Hmmm… my darlings starting to think maybe this beltin belleh isn’t just a post patrum partrum belleh🤔 more of a chips and graveh belleh/Easter egg belleh 🥴 Not to mention … Maccies dominos crisps & choccie 🤣🤣🤣 And all of that was BEFORE my little prince arrived!

"I’m not bothered tho – I’m proud all that chunkeh but funkeh padding has kept my little cherub waaarm cosehhh & snug as a chuffin bug for 9 months🤗

"Some days I think I should step away from the chocolate n chippeh – but it’s not easy is it my darlings?? I get shit for eating shit, I get down some days about not having motivation you just can’t win… but I may aswell embrace it 🤣🥳 chhhhhhunkeh but funkeh."

Celebrity Bumps: Famous and Pregnant continues on MTV Wednesdays at 8pm! 

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