Charlotte Dawson believes spirit of her comedy legend dad Les has been visiting her baby Noah from beyond the grave

CHARLOTTE Dawson has revealed how she believes the spirit of her comedy legend dad Les has been visiting her newborn.

The 28-year-old, who gave birth to baby Noah last month, admitted she feels her "dad's presence" and is sure the comedian has visited their home.

Reality star Charlotte, who is engaged to footballer Matt Sarsfield, has opened up at noticing her late dad "around them".

Les died in 1993 when Charlotte was a baby, but she has admitted she's determined to keep her dad in baby Noah's life.

"I felt my dad's presence since Noah has been here," the star told MTV show Celebrity Bumps. "He is definitely around us.

"Noah has the same star sign as my dad. And he was born exactly a week before dad's birthday. I definitely feel like my dad is around us and looking after us and guiding us."

She added that she felt "heartbroken" baby Noah would never get to meet his grandad, and looked forward to using "videos" to help Noah get to know him.

"I am heartbroken that my dad isn’t going to meet Noah. But at least he can get to know him through videos and footage and pictures," Charlotte added.

"Noah is so lucky that he can see his grandad that way. As he grows up, I’ll play him clips of my dad from YouTube and home footage.

"I’m also going to take him to see the statue of dad, and I’ve got a cardboard cutout of dad in the house as well.

"I don’t want to scare Noah with it by bringing it out straightaway. But I will bring it out for Christmas dinner."

Charlotte also addressed how becoming a mother has turned her life around, ditching her partying ways to enjoy the quiet life.

"I'm not a wild child anymore," she explained. "I'm a mother now.

“There have been a lot of highs and a lot of lows and I do struggle. But it’s also the most amazing feeling in the world. We have really taken to it. I feel like we were made for the mum and dad life.”

Cameras have been following Charlotte through her pregnancy for a new show, Celebrity Bumps: Famous & Pregnant.

She said of the episode: "My dad filmed lots of home footage. Now I’m doing this show for Noah. He’ll have all these special memories.”

Celebrity Bumps: Famous & Pregnant starts March 3 at 8pm on MTV.

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