Casualty fans spot Rash Masum age blunder during school flashback scene

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Casualty fans were left distracted during Saturday evening's episode when a flashback scene paid a visit to Rashid "Rash" Masum's childhood.

Many viewers were confused when they saw adult Rash playing a teenage version of himself – though he looked exactly the same.

In the opening scenes of the episode, Rash, played by Neet Mohan, could be seen racing around a running track while his coach looked on from the side.

Later, Rash, who was in the sixth form at the time, could be seen in a school uniform, discussing his training with his coach Adil (Raji James).

Flash forward to the modern-day, and Rash was shaken to see Adil in the emergency department, receiving treatment for an injured arm.

However, watching the scene play out, many viewers wondered why BBC didn't hire a teenage actor to play the role, claiming Neet didn't look young enough to play a schoolboy.

Actor Neet is 35 years old, making him over a decade older than the teen athlete he was supposed to play in the scene.

One Twitter user wrote: "Was Rash born looking like he was in 20s….#casualty."

"They didn't just have rash in a school uniform and pretend it was 10 years ago did they??," added a second one.

And a third agreed: "This is supposed to be teenage Rash isn't it…. Next time try and find a kid similar looking to play him… This doesn't work…."

"Was that meant to be that doctor as a school kid? They literally just put him in uniform. Could have cast a younger actor," penned a fourth.

During the episode, it emerged Rash had a promising sporting career ahead of him but left running behind in his teens after suffering a horrific injury.

He went on to train to become a doctor, meeting his old coach Adil years later on the hospital floor.

Feeling he disappointed Adil once, Rash is determined to save his old coach, who has succumbed to alcoholism.

Can Rash help to save his old mentor before it's too late?

Casualty airs on Saturdays on BBC One.

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