Casa Amor bombshell Mollie reveals she spent £7K on new teeth before Love Island

Love Island's new bombshell has revealed that she spent £7000 on her teeth.

In the latest episode of Love Island, six new girls entered the villa as the original ladies headed to Casa Amor.

Introducing herself, one newcomer revealed that her best feature happens to come with a high price tag.

Mollie Salmon, 23, from Southampton said: "I'd say my best feature is probably my smile. I paid seven grand for my teeth so I like to show it off."

Speaking about her excitement to enter the villa, she added: "I'm absolutely gagging to get into that villa and kiss as many boys as I can."

Before heading the in the villa, Mollie already had 11.4k followers on Instagram.

The 23 year old is looking to find the love of her life in the villa, as her own mother got married when she was her age.

Mollie told The Sun: "My mum got married at my age and my cousin is already engaged so she’s always told me how I should hurry up and find someone.

"I’m terrible at picking men so I thought Love Island would do a better job than me!"

She added: "I can be fiery, I’m chatty and I’m a bit of a prankster.

"I love to play pranks on people and no one else yet is bringing it so that’s gonna be my job this year. "

It's still early days to be able to tell who Mollie is having a connection with.

However out of all the guys, Jay is the only one in a friendship couple with Danica.

Therefore, the two would be able to get to know one another without any interruptions after Casa Amor.

Dami Hope appeared to be very excited about Casa Amor. Whilst he did say he was happy about his coupling with Indiyah, he did reveal that he was open to getting to know a few of the new ladies.

However, Luca Bish said that his head wouldn't turn and that none of the girls matched Gemma Owen, who he is currently coupled up with.


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