Caleb issues dangerous warning to Cain in Emmerdale

Caleb Milligan (William Ash) is performing a balancing act on Emmerdale currently.

His master plan is to take down Kim Tate (Claire King) and her empire in revenge for the part she played in the death of his father, Frank Tate.

In this he has the help of his secret son Nicky (Lewis Cope), who is undercover at Home Farm as former nanny to Thomas and current fiancé to Gabby (Rosie Bentham).

The wheels are gradually coming off Caleb’s plan, however, as we’ve seen that Nicky is really not happy at all with the plan.

For one thing he’s gay and is in a sort-of relationship with a man called Ally (Josh Horrocks) and is absolutely loathing every minute that he has to pretend to be besotted with Gabby.

He also hinted in Tuesday (April 25)’s episode that he’s not as convinced as Caleb is that Kim was responsible for Frank’s death.

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We’ve also seen that Caleb has some money issues. He needs to buy some land adjacent to Home Farm for Kim’s stud farm as part of his plan to convince Kim that he’s legitimately in business with her, but he’s had to take out a loan to get the funds.

This led to Nicky trying to steal an expensive car from Cain (Jeff Hordley)’s garage – which led to a confrontation between Nicky and Cain.

Caleb being a Dingle is undoubtedly another problem as the plan goes ahead. With Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) getting involved in the simmering argument between Cain and Nicky, Caleb knows that his hot-headed brother could inadvertently ruin his entire plan.

So he paid Cain a visit in Wednesday (April 26)’s episode. ‘I heard Will mouthing off about you to Gabby and Nicky,’ he said, and Cain said that Will had been throwing his weight about making himself out to be ‘the great protector.’

‘Is there any chance you could leave it at that?’ Caleb asked. ‘He can cause headaches for me – especially if it’s me brother stirring things up.’

Cain agreed, but obviously he doesn’t know how high the stakes are for Caleb and what was behind the request.

And he didn’t hear Caleb earlier when he advised Nicky, ‘Being ruthless works.’

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