Caitlyn Jenner Accepts Joy Behar's Apology for Misgendering Her

Tim Baysinger

California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner accepted Joy Behar’s apology for misgendering her multiple times during Friday’s episode of “The View,” taking a swipe at so-called “cancel culture” in the process.

Behar found herself in hot water when she misgendered Jenner multiple times while talking about Jenner’s announcement to run for California governor. After the show took a commercial break, Behar returned with an apology, seemingly realizing her mistake and blaming it on a lack of sleep. “So first of all, let me apologize for my pronoun mixup. I think I just didn’t get enough sleep last night,” Behar said. “I had no intention of mixing them up, and I tried to correct it immediately, but whatever, it just came out. So I’m sorry if anybody was upset by that.”

That was good enough for Jenner, who accepted Behar’s mea culpa: “Don’t sweat it, @JoyVBehar. I’m not about cancel culture. I know where your heart is. California has bigger issues than pronouns.”

Behar referred to Jenner, who identifies as trans and transitioned over six years ago, as a “he” multiple times during Friday’s show. She used the wrong pronoun twice in one sentence before correcting herself as she talked about her campaign announcement, saying, “He’s got this guy Brad Parscale running his campaign-her campaign, rather.”

Jenner announced earlier on Friday of her intentions to run for governor of California, positioning herself as “the only outsider who can put an end to Gavin Newsom’s disastrous time as governor.” Newsom is facing a likely recall election tied to his handling of the pandemic.

The former Olympian is following in the footsteps of another Republican governor from the state, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was also an athlete and Hollywood star before tossing his hat into the political ring. Schwarzenegger won California’s last recall election in 2003, ousting Gray Davis. He was re-elected in 2006. He is the last Republican to serve as California’s governor.

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