'Bye, Mommy': Cheyenne's Daughter Ryder Is Spreading Her Wings On Teen Mom OG

Cheyenne understandably wants to spend as much time as possible with her daughter Ryder. But during tonight’s Teen Mom OG episode, the Californian decided it was time for her two-year-old to have “more structure” and introduce something new to her schedule.

“She’s going to take pre-school prep class,” Chey explained to her family. “It’s only three hours. Next year, she is going to be in a real school system.”

The goal: to get kids to grasp the idea of mommies and daddies leaving but coming back. And while Ryder seemed to be ready for the next step, Chey told her clan she wasn’t ready for her mini-me to “be with people who aren’t us.”

Any inaugural day jitters? When it came time for Cheyenne to leave her munchkin in the classroom, Ryder was totally ready to get going with her teacher and classmates.

“Bye, Mommy!” Ryder sweetly exclaimed, before giving her a kiss and walking off to play. No tears at all!

“I don’t even get a look back,” Chey joked to her producer JC. “She doesn’t even care about me! I got no love.”

The first of many firsts for Cheyenne and Ryder! Keep watching the mother-daughter duo, as well as their loved ones, every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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