Britney Spears says she was 'forced to take Lithium' as 'punishment' which made her feel 'drunk' but 'no one cared'

BRITNEY Spears said she was “forced to take Lithium” as “punishment” which made her feel “drunk.”

The 39-year-old singer added that “no one cared” while speaking in court on Wednesday.

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Britney claimed she was forced to go on tour in 2018, stating: “My manager said if I don’t do this tour I would have to find an attorney and my own management could sue me if I didn’t follow through with the tour.“

The manager handed her a sheet of paper while she got off stage and forced her to sign it.

She recalled: “It was very threatening and scary, with the conservatorship I couldn’t even get my own attorney.

“When I came off that tour a new show in Las Vegas was supposed to take place.”

Britney then said she directed most of the shows, did the choreography and taught her dancers herself.

The singer said: “I wasn’t good, I was great.

“It’s funny to hear my manager’s side of the story. They all said I wasn’t participating in rehearsals and I never agreed to take my medication.

“My medication is always taken in the mornings, they don’t even see me.”

After Britney said no to a dance move, she had a fallout with her team.

She claimed that her managers, dancers and other team members went into a room and didn’t come out for 45 minutes.

The singer’s manager then called her therapist and said she wasn’t cooperating in rehearsals and wasn’t taking her medication.

She said she didn’t want to the show in Vegas, sharing: “It made no sense at all, there was a weak period where they were nice to me.

“They said if I didn’t want to do the [Vegas] show, I didn’t have to. They said I could wait.

“I was really hard on myself and it was too much.”

The singer told her assistant if she said no to Vegas her team may “punish” her, while her therapist then put her on Lithium “out of nowhere.”

She said: “Lithium is very very strong, it’s a completely different medication to what I was used to.

"You can go mentally impaired if you take too much or stay on it longer than five months.

"I felt drunk, I really couldn’t even [look after myself], I couldn’t even have a conversation with my mum and dad really about anything.”

Britney claimed six different nurses went to her home to monitor her and make sure she took the medication for a month, while she wasn’t allowed to go anyway during that time period.

Britney's court appearance marked the first time she's publicly spoken out against the conservatorship, which was implemented in 2008 after a series of public meltdowns.

The legal agreement prevents Britney from controlling her life or having any access to her million-dollar fortune.

Under the conservatorship, her life and her multi-million-dollar fortune have been under the supervision of her father Jamie Spears.

Britney made a number of shocking claims during her recent court appearnace.

At one point, she said her family did nothing to protect her during her mental breakdown and she was sent to a small home in Beverly Hills for rehab once that cost $60,000.

The singer claimed the people that ran the rehab center were trying to hurt her, while her dad allegedly "loved it."

She also compared the "abusive" conservatorship to sex trafficking, stating: “In California, the only similar thing to this is called sex trafficking, making anyone work against their will.

"And taking all their possessions away, credit card, cash, phone, passport."

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