Bosch: Will there be season 8 of Bosch?

Bosch: Titus Welliver stars in season seven trailer

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Bosch may be back, but it will be for the last time. The series has gained a dedicated following but season seven will be the final outing for the detective drama. But why haven’t Amazon Prime renewed the show for another season?

Why was Bosch cancelled?

Bosch season seven will be the final season of the series after it premiered today (June 25).

Despite maintaining a strong following of fans, Amazon Prime made the decision to cancel the series in February of 2020.

There will not be another season of Bosch and Amazon Prime has not commented on the cancellation of the series.

Michael Connelly, the author of the original novels the series is based on and producer on the series spoke to Deadline following the cancellation of the series.

The author said: “I’m proud of what we have accomplished with Bosch and look forward to completing the story in season seven.

“It’s bittersweet, but all good things come to an end, and I am happy that we will be able to go out the way we want to.”

Despite the show being cancelled and Amazon Prime confirmed there won’t be the eighth season, Connelly surprised fans with the news of a spin-off series for the show.

Bosch will return in a continuation show that will see Bosch working with an old enemy and face new challenges.

The official synopsis reads: “Bosch embarks on the next chapter of his career and finds himself working with his one-time enemy, Honey Chandler.”

Currently, the spin-off’s title has not been revealed and the details of the plot are still being kept under wraps.

The show will be made in partnership with IMDb TV which is a streaming platform available in the United States.

A fan asked Connelly on Twitter, “will we be able to watch this in the UK?” to which Connelly replied, “Hope so.”

There has been no work on which streaming platforms the Bosch spin-off will be available one.

The series also remains untitled, with IMDb TV not revealing what the series is called yet.

However, filming has already begun for the show, with Connelly sharing a video on his Twitter account with show the crew filming on location in LA.

The Tweet was captioned with: “We are rolling! First shot of the Bosch spin-off. New show, same DNA. – MC.”

More details of the spin-off will likely emerge in the coming weeks now that season seven of the original series has been released.

Despite season eight of the original show not happening, there is still plenty of Bosch content coming for fans to look forward to.

News of the spin-off series has been received strongly by fans, with many of them taking to Twitter to share their excitement over the new Bosch show.

One fan wrote: “My daughter-in-law was freaking out when I said Bosch starts Friday! She knew it was the last season. I hate that they cancel all the good shows!! I saved the best for last and told her it was coming back on another network! She said you better not be teasing me lol!!”

A second added: “Good to know that when S7 ends, it carries on in a spin-off. Look forward to it. Thanks.” (sic)

 “That’s fantastic. Hopefully, we still get @welliver_titus interviews on some of my favourite podcasts to promote the final season of Bosch,” commented a third.

Bosch is available to watch exclusively on Amazon Prime Video

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