Bond Girl Britt Ekland, 78, reveals she 'destroyed her looks' after 'ruining her face with lip fillers'

BOND Girl Britt Ekland revealed she "destroyed her looks" after "ruining her face with lip fillers."

The 78-year-old opened up about her plastic surgery regrets in a new interview.

While speaking to Platinum magazine in an interview published on Wednesday, The Swedish actress said that she would never have any more plastic surgery after she underwent a terrifying "lip-pumping" procedure in Paris.

While the actress expected moderate treatment while in Paris, she claimed the doctor made multiple injections all around the rim of her lips with Artecoll.

The doctor said it was a "new dental material," though is made from bovine collagen.

According to the Daily Mail, Britt claimed: "Everyone has the right to choose [surgery].

"I did all of that in my 50s but wouldn't consider it again.

"I have no desire to look any different than I am."

Since having the procedure done nearly 30 years ago, Britt said she's turned to “excruciatingly painful” corticosteroid injections in an attempt to dissolve the material from her lips.

The actress then admitted she likes how she used to look, sharing: “When I look at photographs of myself before I had it done, I looked very good.

“I can see that now, but I couldn’t see it at the time.”

She also told the outlet that she has finally accepted the idea of aging gracefully.

Britt told Platinum: “I feel great now, better than I have for many years … getting older happens to everyone.

“It’s pointless complaining about it or wishing you could change.”

Britt rose to fame while starring as the Bond Girl in the 1974 movie The Man With the Golden Gun.

She played the love interest of James Bond, who was played by Roger Moore.

Her other acting credits include roles in the 1968 film The Night They Raided Minsky's, the 1969 film Machine Gun McCain and the 1971 British crime film Get Carter.

Since her upsetting experience, Britt has publicly spoken out against cosmetic procedures.

According to Page Six, she slammed Nicole Kidman back in 2008 for allegedly using injections to get rid of her wrinkles.

Britt told the London Observer at the time: “It’s fatal when actresses use Botox.”

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