‘Blue Bloods’: Jamie and Sydney’s Marriage Would Have Never Worked

Before BlueBloods’ Jamie Reagan married Eddie Janko, he was engaged to anotherwoman. Her name was Sydney Davenport–and they weren’t exactly a match made inheaven. Here’s why a marriage between Sydney and Jamie wouldn’t have workedout.

Sydney Davenport is a bit rough around the edges and has a jealous streak

We first meet Sydney during Blue Bloods Season 1,Episode 1, at Jamie’s police academy graduation. As soon as one of Jamie’s femalebuddies (Officer Romano) congratulates him, Sydney begins to look uncomfortable.It’s obvious she isn’t pleased Jamie has female friends on the job.  

Things began to unravel after Jamie is investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau

Jamie gets into hot water after he tries to stop a crime inprogress in Chinatown during Blue Bloods Season 1, Episode 8 (titled “Chinatown”).Unfortunately, the suspect gets away. Jamie is under fire because he was off dutywhen he ran after the suspect. Also, instead of calling 911, he addresses thesituation on his own. This turns out to be a big mistake because he didn’tfollow protocol.

Jamie’s actions led to him being at the center of an Internal Affairs Bureau investigation. Jamie’s knee-jerk response also led to him becoming front-page news. Frank reminds him he needs to be on his best behavior because he’s the police commissioner’s son. Everything he does is scrutinized. Jamie is a rookie cop at the time, so he’s still learning the ropes. Unfortunately, this is a hard lesson to learn.

How Sydney broke up with Jamie

Jamie is so distracted by the investigation, as well as the mystery surrounding his brother Joe’s death, that he isn’t paying much attention to Sydney. One day Jamie is up at 3 o’clock in the morning, looking at articles about his brother’s death. He’s hoping he can find information that might help him figure out what happened on the night his brother died. Sydney wakes up and sees Jamie on his computer.

Sydney isn’t pleased with the situation, so she lets Jamie know she’s tired of being pushed to the side while he focuses on work. Jamie’s career is the center of his world, but Sydney also has career ambitions. She makes it clear she’s no longer satisfied with being in Jamie’s shadow. Sydney decides she’s had enough, so she accepts a special 6-month work assignment in London. She tells Jamie about her decision and then gives her engagement ring back.

Why Jamie and Sydney wouldn’t have worked

There was obviously a power struggle going on between Jamieand Sydney. Jamie was determined to go after his career dreams, but Sydney alsohad a law career that was important to her. They never seemed to be on the samewavelength; everything was focused on Jamie’s job. Furthermore, Jamie didn’thave time for the relationship. Because of the nature of his work, he was gonea lot. Whenever he and Sydney were together, his mind was somewhere else.

Sydney said she didn’t like taking a backseat to Jamie’s job.She was also concerned about the dangers that came with being a police officer.She was afraid one day Jamie would be hurt or killed in the line of duty.Sydney couldn’t come to terms with the risks and she couldn’t accept she wouldalways be second.

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