Bling Empire star Christine Chiu’s plastic surgeon husband sued for treating patient ‘negligently’ following surgery

BLING Empire star Christine Chiu’s plastic surgeon husband was sued for “negligently and carelessly” treating a patient suffering from post-surgery complications, The Sun can exclusively reveal. 

Christine’s husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, is a renowned plastic surgeon who owns Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery.

In October 2016, a patient sued Gabriel and his practice for professional negligence. The doctor denied the allegations and the case later settled.

In the court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun, the patient claimed she underwent procedures in August 2015 and suffered complications related to the surgery. 

The patient claimed that during the treatment, Gabriel and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery “negligently and carelessly diagnosed, examined, cared for, observed, warned, failed to warn, failed to inform and failed to treat [the patient.]"

The court papers claimed he “failed to property perform necessary examinations in a timely manner, failed to properly observe and diagnose the full extent of Plaintiff’s symptoms, failed to properly inform and warn Plaintiff of the true nature and extent of [the] symptoms and failed to properly inform and warn Plaintiff of the appropriate treatments."

The patient also claimed the surgeon “failed to properly treat Plaintiff’s symptoms, provide follow-up care and prescribe proper medication for the patient’s symptoms."

The patient claimed to have suffered physically and mentally, as the person is allegedly required to “undergo prolonged treatment” and will “require additional medical care.”

The patient claimed to have suffered loss of earnings as well and is asking for compensaton. 

In Gabriel and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery’s response to the complaint, they “denied” the patient “sustained any injury, loss or damage” as a direct result of their services. 

They claimed any injury or loss, if at all, was “directly and proximately caused by the negligence of [the patient].”

They claimed the “risks” of the procedure were “fully and actually known to [the patient.]”

The doctor and the practice asked to be dismissed from the lawsuit. 

In February 2019, the parties notified the court of a settlement agreement. 

The case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning the patient is unable to sue again based on the same grounds.

Christine and Gabriel appear on Netflix’s Bling Empire.

Christine said on the show of their wealth and status: “My husband Dr. Chiu, he is 24th generation direct descendant of a dynasty. If dynasties were still existent in China, my husband’s father would be an emperor and he would be next in line and baby G would be a little prince.”

In a trailer for the show, Christine even asks her husband for Botox while getting ready. 

But Gabriel isn’t the only one to have legal trouble. 

The Sun previously reported Kelly Mi Li's ex-husband Lin Miao was arrested in 2017 for his alleged role in a scheme defrauding $50 million from cell phone customers. 

Lin ended up cooperating with authorities and received supervised release. 

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