Beyoncé Fans React to the Disney+ Premiere of 'Black Is King'

Beyoncé is queen and Black is King. She’s back with another deluxe album, a music video, and an empowering and iconic original film. Here’s what Beyoncé fans are saying about the artist’s latest drop, the Disney+ exclusive visual album titled Black is King. 

Beyoncé created the visual album, with music from ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ 

Released in 2019, The Lion King: The Gift gets a new face with Black is King, a colorful, vibrant, symbolic project of Beyoncé. This visual album features the same songs, this time for the first time on Disney’s subscription service, Disney+.

As an original premiering on Disney+, this visual album aimed to inspire and empower young viewers. The artist even decided the project to her only son, Sir Carter. Having Black is King feature audio snippets from The Lion King only made Beyoncé’s partnership with Disney make more sense. 

‘Black is King’ premiered exclusively on Disney+ during July 2020

Although Black is King is not Beyoncé’s first visual album, it’s the first to premiere on Disney’s streaming platform. (Lemonade was exclusive to the premium television network, HBO.) That’s not to say Beyoncé hasn’t collaborated with Disney in the past. 

She sings “When You Wish Upon a Star” for the ABC Disney Family Sing-Along and voiced adult Nala in the photo-real adaptation of The Lion King. However, Black is King premiered on Disney+ on July 31.

Within a few hours of Black is King premiering, viewers shared their love on Instagram and Twitter. In fact, most of Beyoncé’s posts regarding Black is King earned thousands of likes, prompting fans to watch on Disney’s streaming platform.

Beyoncé fans shared their response to ‘Black is King’

While some fans waited until 3 am to watch this visual album, others just took to social media, sharing their love for Beyoncé and the representation in her music. On the day of Black is King’s premiere, she became a top trending topic on Twitter.

“After the Self-Titled visual album, the Lemonade film, Beychella/Homecoming and the Black is King film, Beyoncé has cemented herself as the greatest visual artist of all-time. Period,” one Twitter user said.

“Beyoncé slander will no longer be tolerated. SHE IS THE BAR, get over it!! She is her own competition!! I am sick of y’all trying to compare her to people not even close to her league,” another Twitter user wrote, regarding some response from those not in the BeyHive.

“Beyoncé has truly outdone herself, once again! #blackisking proves we stan the most talented visionary in the music industry. She’s the greatest artist and entertainer of ALL TIME to be exact,” another Twitter user said.

The deluxe version of The Lion King: The Gift is available on most major streaming platforms. The visual album, Black is King is available only on Disney’s subscription service. To learn more about Disney+, visit their website. 

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