'Bewitched': 10 Facts That Will Surprise Even the Biggest Fans

Bewitched was one of the most famous TV shows of the 1960s, however, not everyone knows what went on behind-the-scenes. The show had a very simple concept: It was about a witch who was also a housewife. However, the creators of the show involved everything from classic movies to the Bible to Greek mythology.

The ‘invisible’ special effects on the show

Mental Floss reports the show’s “magic” was largely created by stage hands. The stage hands would remove furniture and replace it when Samantha used her “zap.” Special effects used on the show included “fast-motion film, backward motion film, and ‘invisible’ wires for levitation.”

Elizabeth Montgomery becomes a mother

Little Things reports Montgomery was pregnant three times during production of the show. For her first pregnancy, she wore ever expanding clothes and camera angles were used to hide the pregnancy. Her second and third pregnancies were written into the show with Tabitha and Adam as new additions to the sitcom.

Elizabeth Montgomery’s husband was part of ‘Bewitched’

Montgomery and her husband, William Asher, wanted to work on a project together. Asher was the producer of the show.

Where Tabitha’s name came from

AutoMama says Montgomery picked Tabitha’s name. She said “I loved it because it was so old-fashioned. I got it from one of the daughters of Edward Andrews, the actor. The two Andrews girls are named Tabitha and Abigail.”

Where the ‘Bewitched’ wardrobe came from

Trendchaser says the wardrobe for the show was provided by the actors. They would bring their clothes in for cleaning and pressing the week before filming. This cut down on costs to produce the show.

Why Dick York left

York, popular with fans, left the show for medical reasons. He damaged muscles in his back while he was filming the movie They Came to Cordura. York did not recover well. Despite pain medication, he decided to exit the show in 1969. He ended up addicted to the medication.

It’s the Vibe says Darrin was absent from the show for 14 episodes after the departure of York. He was replaced by Dick Sargent who did not garner the same fan approval as York. Instead, fans were uncomfortable with the unexplained switch and the show went down in ratings.

Samantha’s original name

Fox News reports Samantha was originally supposed to be named Cassandra which Montgomery did not like.

The John F. Kennedy connection

The first rehearsal of Bewitched was scheduled just hours before President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Montgomery and Asher were friends of the president. Asher was actually the producer of the show that honored President Kennedy’s birthday – where Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday.”

Why the show ended

Bewitched had been renewed for seasons 9 and 10. However, Montgomery was not interested in staying on as her marriage to Asher had taken a downward spiral. The couple divorced a year after the show ended.

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