Ben Shepherd sparks backlash over useless GMB debate

GMB on calls for hash browns to be banished from full English

Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins fronted Friday’s ITV show, but one topic which ran through the programme caused a stir among viewers. The hosts led a debate on whether or not hash browns should be removed from the traditional English Breakfast after an organisation claimed it didn’t belong on the dish. Viewers soon responded online, with many asking why “important news” had been neglected in favour of the “useless” debate.

While Good Morning Britain always covers a varied range of topics from the worlds of news and entertainment, Friday’s show saw plenty of discussion surrounding the breakfast meal.

Introducing the topic at the start of the programme, Charlotte explained: “Some breaking breakfast news for you today!

“The most important topic of the day, we’re talking about English breakfasts, because in the newspapers there are calls to ban hash browns to be removed from your full English breakfast.

“The hash brown has been a part of the full English since the sort of mid-80s since McDonald’s bought it in.

“They’ve since come to the fore, but there are now calls from the English Breakfast Society – yes, there is such a thing – to ban hash browns because they say it doesn’t soak up enough of the juices.”

She added: “They say that you need a bubble and squeak type potato instead.”

“So, it’s about bringing back the bubble,” to which Charlotte added: “Bringing back the bubble, that’s the campaign that they’re launching.”

“I really am intrigued by this,” Ben remarked. “I’m not a fan of a hash brown. Personally, I’d much rather have a bubble.”

While the subject was eventually changed, the subject continued throughout the show as each person in the studio was asked for their opinion on the debate.

Some fans were keen to give their views online, however, some weren’t impressed by the light discussion.

Twitter user @SimonDalling wrote: “@GMB I am not interested in such trivial matters. How about reporting the news, would that be a good idea?”

@bestmanintown1 penned: “@GMB Is there really not more important things to discuss like things that will affect people, everyone likes different things with their breakfast if u love hash browns have them if u don’t like them don’t, does it really need a segment on gmb to tell us that?” (sic)

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@Carolin55162028 shared: “@GMB Is this really the most important thing to talk about when so many can only dream about ever affording a proper breakfast!?”

“@GMB Good God. Is this really supposed to be news when the country is in such a chaotic state?” asked @JackieH66932407.

@MykGee45 added: “@GMB Slow news day?” while @Anthony58340236 commented: “@GMB More useless s**** from GMB.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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