Ben Shephard makes cheeky quip as Sam Thompson says mum has crush on him

Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson certainly kept Tipping Point host Ben Shephard on his toes as he appeared on the ITV Show.

The star continued to make cheeky quips throughout the show, even suggesting to the host of the popular show that his mum has a crush on the TV star.

Sam told Ben: "My mum fancies you," but Ben had the perfect response as he immediately chirped: "She clearly has good taste then."

The cheeky lad made an exceptional win of £5,200 for his chosen charity in Tipping Point: Lucky Stars and cracked plenty of hilarious jokes while he played to win. The winning cash prize has been donated to Bernado’s Children’s Charity, which he is an ambassador of.

The reality show star played against actor Stephan Mangan who is known for his role as Nathan Stern in The Split, and comedian Suzie Ruffle.

Suzie was the first to go home and left the game early with just £100 and Stephen winning £2,700 for Help Parents In Need.

An excited Sam spent a lot of time jumping up and down when he got a question correct, and especially when he scored a slew of counters from the Tipping Point machine. He told host Ben: “You smell great,” before reconciling, “Sorry, that was weird.”

In Sam’s first attempt he hid his face as he got quite confused when trying to drop a counter. Ben told Sam: “When you’re ready, you’re going to release the counters, unless you’re going to use the power of your mind.”

Sam, flustered, replied: “Now!” as Ben responded: “Oh Sam, no!”

“Why not?” Confused Sam queried, as Ben exclaimed: “Because it’s riding and that’s rubbish!”

He opted to answer questions on Art, telling host Ben that he studied the history of art at college, however admitting he hadn’t joined to learn much about the subject. He said: “I did History of Art at college, only to talk to girls, but they didn’t like me much!”

Towards the end of the game, Sam sadly did not manage to bag the mystery counter from the Tipping Point machine and was therefore left with the last question.

Instead of gambling the £5,200 he had won so far, he opted to take the money he already had, declining to play for three more goes at the whopping £10,000 jackpot.

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