BBC Breakfast fans cringe over Charlie and Nagas frosty exchange

On Thursday morning's BBC Breakfast, hosts Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty looked through the newspaper headlines to discuss the stories that stood out to them to the viewers watching at home.

But things became quite awkward fairly quickly when Charlie was trying to find a particular article to mention, which left his co-host Naga with her head in her hands.

Journalist Charlie was eager to get his colleague involved in a discussion regarding a story on driving tests, as he believed many people wouldn't pass their driving test if they had to take it a second time round.

But Naga appeared to be irritated when Charlie tried to find the article and told him to "take his time".

As Charlie held up the newspaper, Naga said: "This reminds me of a time you told me I wouldn’t pass my driving test if I took it today."

Charlie replied: "I think that’s true. Not you personally, I think a lot of people."

Rolling her eyes, Naga chimed: "I think it was personal."

Continuing to read the paper, Charlie said: "Are we going to do it? Are we all engaged?," he asked his colleagues in the studio.

Referring back to the paper, he continued: "We have some of the questions here. So let’s look at question…"

But as Charlie struggled to find which question to ask, an irritated Naga said: "Take your time."

Once he found what he was looking for, Charlie finally asked: "This one here. So question seven, you are traveling at 50mph on a good dry road. What is your typical overall stopping distance?

"I’ll give you four answers. A. 36m, B. 53m, C. 75m or D. 96m."

Firing back quickly, Naga guessed it would be 75m.

Turning the paper upside down to find out the correct answer, Charlie said: "So the answer is B, 53m."

Adamant that she was still correct, Naga said: "I don’t think I would fail for that though because it would just mean I have allowed for plenty of space."

"Well you got it wrong," Charlie replied.

Naga chimed: "No, I don’t think that’s the point. I think I allowed plenty of space."

Not letting it go, Charlie exclaimed: "But wrong!"

Viewers at home were also quick to pick up on the journalists frosty exchange and took to Twitter to air their views.

"He asked her a question on the Highway Code about stopping distance. Naga chose the wrong choice – but said she was still right. Charlie responded that she'd got it wrong. Ouch!" A viewer penned.

While another wrote: “Have Charlie and @TVNaga01 had an argument this morning? Very frosty between them @BBCBreakfast."

A third fan went even further and said: "What is nagas problem. I don't think your presenters like each other do they? And it shows, which is why I can only watch for more than headlines when it's Louise/Dan."

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