Bachelor Matt James slams his friend for body-shaming contestant 'Queen' Victoria Larson

BACHELOR Matt James slammed his friend for body-shaming contestant "Queen" Victoria Larson.

Victoria also spoke out and defended herself.

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Just a few days ago, a video surfaced where Matt James and Tyler Cameron were playing golf with a few buddies when one of them tried to get in the current Bachelor's head.

The friend named Jerry told Matt: "Now how was Victoria's body? 'Cause when I look at her, it doesn't look very nice … and you've been making out with this woman."

In the video, most of the men chuckle at the comment but Matt's reaction is sadly out of sight.

However, the Bachelor went on The Real on Wednesday and slammed his friend, apologizing on his behalf.

He told the ladies: "That's never something that I condone or stand for.

"It's just a constant reminder that you need to be smart about the people you surround yourself with. And those moments when you're in sports and people are trying to say things to you to throw things off your game, it's sad that someone would think saying something like that about a woman that I was dating would deter me from what I was trying to do," he said.

He continued: "I've said something to him off camera about it, something along the lines of 'Victoria wouldn't give him a second look.' It's always the pot calling the kettle black, you know?

"Who is he to comment on someone's body? It's such a low blow for any man to try and take a dig at something like that.

"That's not my character and that's not what I'm about. It's a shame that that's even associated with what was going on. I apologize on his behalf. I don't know if you'll get it from him, but that's not something I support or stand for."

Following the video, Victoria also took to Instagram to slam the friend and shared a picture of herself in a black bikini, writing: "Tell me again how my body doesn't look so good?"

She also commented on the surfaced video and wrote: "Cute … I love my body."

Victoria has been one of the contestants to watch out for as she was labeled as the villain this season.

The villain of Matt James’ season of the dating series has been getting more and more backlash from fans each week for “bullying” her co-stars and firing off “disgusting” comments. 

It appears Bachelor Nation is not alone, as multiple sources close to Victoria, 28, claimed to The Sun that her family has had a difficult time watching her on TV. 

According to one of the contestants close friends, Tia McDonald, said the ongoing negative reaction has been “hard” on Victoria’s loved ones. 

The model and former Miss Florida said: “A lot of her family has been hard on her but it’s been a lot. 

“Her family is now supportive but at first there was some initial shock.”

Another confidant of the controversial brunette claimed that her dad has been trying to be “supportive” of his daughter but has become “embarrassed” by what he’s seen. 

“Vicki’s dad of course is embarrassed by his daughter,” the informant said. 

The source continued: “He’s being supportive and trying to be there for her but every week she tells him ‘it will be fine’ and every week, she acts even more cruel on TV. 

“He’s just over all of this and waiting for this show to end.”

The insider confessed that along with family, “her friends feel the same way.”

"We can’t defend her behavior at this point. She’s trying to act like she doesn’t care and that everything is fine in the ‘Queen’s’ world but really, she is mortified by all of this.”

However, the source claimed Victoria will never “admit” any shame and said she will continue to “act like everything is fine.”

“She won’t admit there’s truth to what’s being said,” the insider concluded. 

A rep for Victoria did not immediately respond to The Sun’s request for comment. 

While the self-proclaimed “Queen” pursues a career in beauty and wellness in Los Angeles, her family remains on the East Coast. 

However, she’s posted several shots online over the years with her Dad, cousins and her “nan.”

In addition to her on-screen persona, last week, The Sun exclusively revealed that Victoria was previously arrested for shoplifting $250 worth of items from a Florida Publix grocery store.

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