Bachelor alum Michelle Money’s daughter, 15, now ‘FaceTiming’ and making jokes in ‘miracle’ recovery after accident – The Sun

BRIELLE Money — Bachelor alum Michelle Money’s 15-year-old daughter — is on the mend with a “miracle” recovery after a skateboarding accident put her in a coma.

The teenager is awake and making jokes and "FaceTiming family,” according to her dad, and Michelle’s ex, Ryan Money.

He shared an update on his daughter’s health on Thursday to let everyone know she’s doing much better since moving out of the ICU and into the Neural Trauma Unit.

Ryan wrote on Instagram: “The improvement that Brielle has made in the last 4 days is nothing short of a miracle.

“5 days ago she hadn't moved for 2 weeks and had a breathing tube in. Now we are facetiming family members one after another until they get bored of us.”

Brie fell off her skateboard last month without a helmet on and suffered a fractured skull and major brain trauma, leading her to be placed in a coma on life support for two weeks.

Her father revealed earlier this week she was finally awake and talking and asking for treats, like ice cream and Red Bull.

Now she’s showing she “has not lost her sense of humor” by cracking jokes with her extended family members over FaceTime.

Plus, Ryan added: “Brie and I cruised the hospital tonight before bed. I pushed the wheelchair but feel like she may have been able to push me.

“We got back to the room and she stood at the sink, brushed her teeth, and went right to bed.

"I am really starting to like this.”

He knows “she has a ways to go” still but is happy to see she’s “heading in the right direction” on her road to recovery.

Michelle had been updating her own followers on social media about her daughter’s status since the accident in March, but she stopped a few days ago, noting she wanted to let Brie decide what was shared.


She wept in her last video and thanked "all the amazing friend and family and strangers who have followed and supported and prayed for my daughter.”

Michelle added: “This kid, this special kid is strong, this kid is whoa, going to do some big things with her life but it is up to her if she wants to share those things.”

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