Awake viewers rip into 'horrible' ending as they rage they've 'wasted two hours' on Netflix movie

VIEWERS of the latest Netflix film Awake have slammed the "horrible" ending as they rage they "wasted two hours" watching it.

Released on the streaming platform this week, fans of thrillers rushed to the website to delve into the Mark Raso film which centres around a strange global phenomenon stopping people from sleeping.

The story follows Jane Villanueva, played by actress Gina Rodriguez – a mother with a close-knit family with two children, Noah and Matilda.

The single mother is an ex-soldier and former drug addict, and is at first separated from her kids, played by Ariana Greenblatt and Lucius Hoyos, who live with their grandmother.

When a mysterious global event prevents technology from working and people from sleeping, the trio are brought back together again.

Jill, Matilda and Noah are in the car when the incident – a small solar flare – occurs and they crash into a lake and survive.

However, while the rest of the world is unable to sleep, Jill's daughter Matilda still can, and she is encouraged by a psychologist – played by Finn Jones – to bring Matilda to “the hub”, where she will be studied. 

Jill finds another woman, also able to sleep, and hopes that she can be an ally to her daughter and help find a way to make people sleep again.

As the fight for a minute's rest rages on – people are gradually losing their minds and slipping into insanity; but there's no end to the struggle.

The nail-biting cliffhanger ending left many Netflix viewers with bated breath, all wondering if a sequel to Awake is already in the works. 

But others were upset about the finishing sequence, and felt they had "wasted two hours" watching it without it coming to a conclusion.

"The ending of Awake on Netflix was f***ing horrible, honestly the movie was bad overall," one woman began the debate.

"Wasted two hours on Netflix watching the movie 'Awake'. Sent me to sleep. B grade everything," someone else savagely agreed.

"That Netflix movie ended horribly," a third concurred, while a fourth wrote: "This movie on Netflix 'Awake' is confusing as f***."

"Netflix’s really good with sci fis. But I’m so bored halfway the film," a fifth concluded of the new show.

As of yet, the open-ended conclusion does not guarantee a follow-up to the insomnia apocalypse.

For now, director Mark Raso has not commented on a possible sequel but is already working on unrelated projects. 

According to The Cinema Holic, the Canadian filmmaker is working on a documentary and a TV pilot as well as an adaptation of a Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin novel. To be continued. 

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