Avengers Endgame writer admits Captain America Mjölnir ERROR was ‘too awesome not to do’

It has to be one of the greatest moments of Avengers Endgame. Opening nights around the world had fans cheering loudly as Captain America was deemed worthy to wield Mjölnir. But now one of the Marvel epic’s screenwriters has admitted that this action included a continuity error.

Speaking with Slash Film, Christopher Markus said: “There was certainly a debate at one point because particularly in Ragnarok, it establishes that Thor can summon the lightning without the hammer.

“I think Odin even says, ‘It was never the hammer.’

“And yet Cap summons the lightning with the hammer.

“You get to those things and you’re like, ‘It’s too awesome not to do it! We’ll talk about it later.’”


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However, Digital Spy has pointed out how this can still make sense within the MCU canon.

Back in the first Thor movie, Odin banishes his son from Asgard.

The King says: “Whosoever holds this hammer if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

Ragnarok confirmed it was Thor’s power to summon lightning regardless of whether he’s holding Mjölnir or not.

So it could be argued that Captain America was possessing Thor’s power of lightning when wielding his hammer.

A few weeks back Chris Evans said he will return as the superhero in the MCU, but only one condition.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, the 39-year-old said: “It’s not a hard no, but it’s not an eager yes either.

“I think Cap had such a tricky act to stick the landing, and I think they did a really nice job letting him complete his journey.”

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The Captain America star continued: “If you’re going to revisit it, it can’t be a cash grab.

“It can’t be just because the audience wants to be excited.”

“What are we revealing? What are we adding to the story?

“A lot of things would have to come together.”

At the end of Avengers Endgame, Captain America went back in time to live the life with Peggy Carter he always wanted.

The MCU is currently set in 2023 and Steve Rogers is now well over 100 years old.

However, with time travel and the multiverse now being commonplace in the MCU, it’s very easy for a younger Cap to return one day.

Perhaps he’ll make a well-deserved cameo in Avengers 7 in 10 to 15 years time?

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