‘Arrogance and hypocrisy’ – Nicola Sturgeon squirms as BBC’s Dan Walker pulls her apart

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was grilled for her late U-turn on the decision to fire Scottish Chief Medical officer Catherine Calderwood. BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker savaged the First Minister for the frustration Dr Calderwood had caused for ignoring her own advice not to visit second or holiday homes during the coronavirus crisis. He said: “What is your message to somebody who is stuck in a block of flats in one of the big cities in Scotland right now?

“They will have looked at what they have seen over the weekend and see entitlement, arrogance and see the hypocrisy of this from the person that was on telly every day saying stay at home, save lives and couldn’t follow the advice herself.”

She replied: “My message is I understand the anger and I share that anger that the mistake was made.

“I know how hard it is for people to follow the advice they are being given right now, particularly people in some of the circumstances that you have spoken about.

“Everybody is being asked to live their lives in a completely different way to normal and that is not easy.

“It gets harder and harder with every day that passes.

“The reason Dr Calderwood is not in office any longer as the chief medical officer is because I think it was undermining that message.

“My message to people is clear, I am not asking people to lightly follow this advice, I am asking people to do it.

“That is because it is the best way of us slowing down this virus, protecting our NHS from becoming overwhelmed and ultimately saving lives.

“It is the clarity and importance of this message that for me is the most important thing of all.

“I deeply regret the situation I am very sorry. “

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