An X-Files Animated Comedy Spin-Off Is Coming

Fox is developing an animated comedy version of its hit series X-Files, according to Variety. Details are extremely sparse still, but creator Chris Carter will be executive producing, and Rocky Russo (Paradise PD) and Jeremy Sosenko (Brickleberry) are attached to write and executive produce.

The show, currently titled The X-Files: Albuquerque, will “revolve around an office full of misfit agents who investigate X-Files cases too wacky, ridiculous, or downright dopey for Mulder and Scully to bother with. They’re essentially the X-Files’ B-team.”

In other words, it sounds like a series similar to CBS’ Star Trek: Lower Decks, another animated series expanding on another already-popular series–also about a band of second-stringers who live within but operate in the deeper margins of a pre-existing world and lore.

The X-Files ran for nine seasons on Fox through to 2002 before it was revived for another two in 2016 (and also expanded into two movies). Based on what has been announced so far, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson do not look to be involved in this new animated show.

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