Amy Duggar appears to slam famous family by claiming she was 'controlled, trapped & unheard' just like Meghan Markle

AMY Duggar appeared to shade her famous family when she said she has been "trapped and controlled" in the past just like Meghan Markle.

The 19 Kids & Counting alum has been feuding with her uncle and aunt, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, ever since she broke away from their strict religious values in recent years.

And Amy appeared to be reflecting on her public clashes with the Duggars as she said she related to Meghan's own issues with the Royal Family.

After watching Meghan and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah, she tweeted: "In a very small way I can sympathize with her.

"I too wasn’t protected. I too felt trapped and unheard. I felt like there was no way out, I felt used, controlled and I was scrutinized.

"I can’t imagine what all she endured but I do sympathize. Suicide is never the answer and I’m so glad she has found peace."

Amy went on: "I admire her grit, tenacity and her class. I went back and fourth asking myself 'Do I need to send this message out?' but the answer is yes.

"It’s so empowering to speak up!! I hope you will never be afraid to tell your story."

In her interview, Meghan accused the monarchy of "perpetrating falsehoods" about her and having conversations about her son Archie's skin color and said she refuses to be "silenced".

Amy used to make regular appearances on the Duggars' reality show 19 Kids & Counting, but has been flouting the conservative Christian family's rigid rules in recent years.

The Duggars believe sex is for procreation, do not believe in kissing or holding hands with a romantic partner before marriage, and that women should keep their shoulders, arms and legs covered.

Amy – who has a one-year-old son Daxton with her husband Dillon King – drinks alcohol, has a clothing store selling "risque" pieces and shows her arms and legs in her own outfits.

The former reality star is also open about her sex life and recently urged married couples to be more intimate in the bedroom.

She tweeted: "Sex accounts for about 10 per cent in a marriage.. unless you're not having any! Then it's like 90 per cent. Make intimacy a priority!"

The call to action is at odds with her extended family, who would not usually so openly discuss what happens in someone's bedroom.

Amy previously revealed she can't talk directly about her famous family because she has a non-disclosure agreement.

Back in 2016, however, she did reveal she doesn't agree with some of the Duggars' rules.

"I think kissing before marriage should happen," she told People, before adding: "I never really felt up to the Duggar standard."

The mother-of-one is often snubbed from family parties but remains close to her cousin, Jill Duggar, who has also distanced herself from the Duggars.

Jill married lawyer Derick Dillard in 2014 and they have two sons – Samuel, two, and Israel, five.

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The pair left their family's show Counting On in 2017, and have spent the last three years attempting to recover some of Jill's potential earnings.

Jim Bob was reportedly the only one who was paid by the network, earning an alleged $25,000 to $45,000 per episode paycheck.

But Jill recently told People magazine that she and Derick decided to get "an attorney involved" and have "finally recovered some of the money.

"It probably ended up being a little more than minimum wage," Derick previously revealed.

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