Amazing News: Some Familiar Faces Are Joining ‘Sex Education’ Season 4

School is back in session at Moordale High! Back in fall 2021, Netflix dropped the third season of Sex Education and a lot changed. It was a new year, and a new headmistress with a mission took over the school, determined to make it “a pillar of excellence.” The kids were forced to wear uniforms, the dilapidated bathroom where Otis (Asa Butterfield) conducts sex therapy sessions had been demolished, and the school was basically trying to get these horny teenagers to go celibate. (A totally impossible task, let’s be honest.)

With all the new relationships, loose ends, and questions left unanswered from season 2, season 3 definitely brought a whirlwind of emotions. But before fans had even finished watching the latest release, many were asking: Is there going to be a season 4 of Sex Education on Netflix? Well, here’s everything we know so far!

Will there be a fourth season of Sex Education?

YES. Netflix announced back in September that the show is officially getting a fourth season.

Breaking News out of #TUDUM!

Sex Education has been renewed for Season 4!

“I’d love to do a fourth season, because we have so much fun on this show,” he told Cosmo UK.

It’s kind of unclear whether this will be the final season of the show. Otis’s class still hasn’t graduated yet. And as is the case with many coming-of-age stories, that’s kind of the big marker for “the end.” So until then, there’s still hope!

Could Sex Education also get a movie special?

Asa made it clear that he wouldn’t mind going back to Moordale High in any capacity. That could theoretically take the form of a movie or an extended special episode, although there’s no word of that being discussed by the Netflix powers that be. Asa joked to Cosmo UK, “[I want a] Christmas movie! Sex Education themed.”

Who is part of the season 4 cast?

Since Netflix gave Sex Education a green light for another round, it’s likely going to feature the same beloved actors and maybe some new friends at Moordale. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is indeed true—not only is the majority of the cast returning for their roles, but there are seven new faces gracing the screen this time around too. And one of those newbies is none other than Schitt’s Creek‘s Dan Levy! Dan tweeted an image from the show to share the news himself, writing in the caption, “Sex Ed. Season 4. VERY serious news.”

Sex Ed. Season 4. VERY serious news.

This is Dan’s first return to an IRL TV role (aka one that’s not animated) since Schitt’s Creek ended in 2020. In Sex Education, he will play Louis, an American who tutors Maeve at her college, explained THR.

THR also reported that Patricia Allison (Ola), Tanya Reynolds (Lily), Simone Ashley (Olivia) and Rahkee Thakrar (Emily) would not return for season 4.

When would season 4 start filming?

Filming is taking place right now, based on THR‘s reports. The cast is currently shooting in Wales, United Kingdom until the end of the year.

When would season 4 premiere?

A premiere date is still TBD. But since shooting is underway now until year’s end, season 4 is likely set to drop in the fall of next year. Historically, this show has taken only a year between seasons, but of course, we won’t know until Netflix says so!

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