Alec Baldwin raged in rant after little man took his major role

Piers Morgan slams Alec Baldwin for ‘failure’ to take responsibility

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Today, at 5:05pm, Alec Baldwin stars in the iconic Tim Burton creepathon, Beetlejuice, on Channel 5. The 1988 movie was a smash hit with horror fans, but just two years later, Baldwin took on the iconic role of Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October. However, the sequel that was released two years later led to him getting replaced in a brutal manner.

1992 saw the release of Patriot Games, another Tom Clancy story adapted for the big screen.

Naturally, Baldwin assumed he would reprise his role as Jack Ryan, but things didn’t work out that way. Instead, a Star Wars actor swooped in and took it from him: Harrison Ford.

Baldwin recalled the traumatising event in an article he wrote for Huff Post.

He said: “[Director] John [McTiernan] further told me that Paramount owed the actor [Ford] a large sum of money for a greenlit film that fell apart prior to this, and pushing me aside would help to alleviate that debt and put someone with much greater strength at the box office than mine in the role.”

The Glengarry Glen Ross star admitted he was “mildly stunned” by being usurped, and went on to slam Ford for his actions.

Ford was reportedly asked at the time by McTiernan if he knew he was taking Baldwin’s role. According to Baldwin’s memoir, Ford’s reply was: “F**k him.”

It didn’t take long for Baldwin to start hitting back at Ford, however. In the actor’s 2017 memoir, Nevertheless, he dedicated an entire passage to describing Ford.

Baldwin scathingly wrote: “Ford, in person, is a little man, short, scrawny, and wiry, whose soft voice sounds as if it’s coming from behind a door.”

Ford’s response spoke volumes about what this issue meant to him. 

Harrison Ford recalls Indiana Jones fight scene in 1990

Ford never replied to Baldwin’s comments, nor responded to the claims he “stole” the role. 

Instead, he quietly played Jack Ryan in Patriot Games. But he didn’t stop there.

The actor later played the same character once again just two years later in the 1994 film Clear And Present Danger.

Since then, Baldwin has not played Jack Ryan again in his career.

Baldwin has also not worked with Ford at all since the purported feud between the two actors.

Ford did not remain in the role forever, however.

After playing Clancy’s hero twice on the big screen, the franchise was brought to an end.

Jack Ryan was next seen brought to life on Amazon Prime Video in the reboot TV series.

This time around, he was played by John Krasinski, who is best known for the American Office and The Quiet Place.

A comeback for Ford as Jack Ryan is not completely out of the question, though.

In recent years the actor donned his scoundrel waistcoat once again as Han Solo in The Force Awakens in 2017.

And next year he’ll be grabbing his whip and hat for the fifth and final Indiana Jones movie.

With this in mind, is a Jack Ryan comeback on the cards?

Patriot Games is available to stream on Netflix now.


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