AGT Recap: Terry Crews Gives His Golden Buzzer to This Amazing Multinational Taekwondo Team

Meanwhile, kicking off the new episode of the NBC talent show is T3, a trio of singers who take the stage to offer an impressive cover of ‘Into the Unknown’ from ‘Frozen II’.

AceShowbiz -“America’s Got Talent” returned with a 1-hour episode on Tuesday, June 15. Kicking off the new episode was T3, a trio of singers who took the stage to offer an impressive cover of “Into the Unknown” from “Frozen II“. Heidi Klum “really enjoyed it,” while Sofia Vergara said that the performance was “so unexpected.” The group was sent to the next round after earning four yes votes.

Following it up was a stand-up comic named Kabir Singh. He successfully brought laughter as he joked about serial killers in the first section. “You went from serial killing to paying a phone bill, that’s fairly impressive,” Simon Cowell gushed. Also loving Kabir’s performance was Howie Mandel who called him “a star.” Kabir got solid four yes votes.

Storm Large then hit the stage to perform a perfect rendition of “I Got You Under My Skin”. “For anybody watching, they would not know that’s a cover. You made it all your own,” Howie gushed. While Sofia said that the performance “mesmerized” her, Simon loved Storm’s “amazing voice and amazing personality.” Unsurprisingly, Storm headed to the next round.

Meanwhile, Klek Entos surprised the judges with his creepy magic/mentalism trick. Wearing a white cloth mask and bringing an ax, he wowed everyone with a lot of tricks including revealing a tarantula in a box. “That was crazy, you’re insane… but I love you,” Heidi said and gave him a yes. Howie and Sofia said no, while Simon thought Klek deserved a yes.

Later, The Misfit took the stage only to get X buzzed by the judges. Hoping for a better luck was Taekwondo team. The multinational Taekwondo team easily impressed the judges with their performance. Before the judges started voting, host Terry Crews interrupted. “I’m gonna give you something golden right now,” he said before hitting the Golden Buzzer.

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