After James ‘Arg’ Argent's split with Gemma Collins he is set to reunite with 'love of his life' ex Lydia Bright

JAMES ‘Arg’ Argent is set to reunite with ex Lydia Bright after his on-off girlfriend Gemma Collins hooked up with her former flame Rami Hawash. 

The pair have met up on several occasions over the last few weeks and are rekindling their romance.

Towie sources say Arg, 33, is more keen than Lydia, 30, to start things up again having broken up five years ago.

One said: “The pair have started to meet up and Arg is very keen to start something up again. 

“Lydia is a little more coy though.

“It’s something Arg wants to happen as she was the love of his life.”

It comes amidst Arg’s battle with weight with the reality star having a gastric op to help him lose 12 stone.

Doctors had warned he was "so fat he could die".

Another source said: “Arg is trying work his way back in but Lydia isn’t daft.

“Arg has had his issues and she’s a mum now.

“This weightloss battle is a good way for Arg to prove to Lydia he’s a new man and all that is behind him.”

Last month Arg told The Sun he was extremely close to Lydia as she helps him shift the pounds.

He said: "Me and Lydia are extremely close again — we have kept that low-key and behind closed doors.

“Obviously she’s had a beautiful baby and she’s a single mother now. We were together years before Towie existed or before either of us were in the public eye.

“She’s a real friend and she and her mum have been an incredible support to me.

“I’m very fond of Lydia. I’m lucky to have her in my life and for us to be such close friends."

The pair first dated when they were teens and their eight year romance was documented on ITVBe series The Only Way Is Essex.

Arg similarly had an on-off relationship with Gemma Collins.

Earlier this month The Sun revealed she and Rami Hawash, 48, had got back together.

The pair were engaged to be married in 2013 but split a year later.

Despite a brief reconciliation in 2017, where Gemma, 40, put her engagement ring back on, they decided they were better off as pals and both went their separate ways.

She said: “Me and Rami is nothing serious. He is a lovely guy and I am just having some fun.

“We’re not properly dating, we’re not getting married.

"We’re just friends and we occasionally go out for dinner. It isn’t serious, it’s fun.

“I’ve had a tough time in the past and Rami has been a great support.”

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