Adam Henson chokes up as Our Family Farm Rescue family reveal harrowing moment they hit rock bottom

ADAM Henson choked up on Our Family Farm Rescue as a family revealed the moment they emotionally hit rock bottom.

The TV presenter was visiting Potterland Farm, owned by James and Karen Baird, who were keen to set up a bespoke smoker on their farm.

But things got too much for Adam, 55, who helps farmers' businesses survive, when he returned to inspect the final result of their farm project.

James and Karen, who live on their 160-acre farm with their two children, were keen to create a bespoke smokery on their land.

They hoped to be able to smoke meat to sell to restaurants across the UK and make some extra cash to keep the farm going.

While Adam wasn't sure about their business plan initially, he sampled the family's smoked meat and soon changed his mind.

He went on to closely follow their construction project from the building process and adaptation of the whole farming process for the meat.

Karen explained to Adam it was an extra-special project because James had struggled with anxiety and depression due to the pressures of farming.

She explained of her husband: "At his worst he was suicidal and I had to pick up the phone to the mental health team. I was fearful that he would go through with it and he ended up hospitalised at that point.”

Karen concluded that a lot was riding on their new business, as they couldn't afford for the project to fall through.

Towards the end of the programme, Adam returned to the farm to see the final result and transformation.

"What a transformation," he said on walking in for the first time. "The mill that has stood on James’ farm since the 1850s is no longer a relic, but is now a fabulous backdrop for the smoker.

“The rusty corrugated roof has been torn down and the area has been converted into a lovely space to house the smoker.

“And the smoker is a far cry from the old gas tank that James salvaged. Polished and painted, it has all the details of excellent craftsmanship."

Adam exclaimed as he looked round in person: "What a change. Wow look at that beast – incredible. Oh what a bit of engineering."

“It seems to be working perfectly, yes. It’s all working as it should,” James replied, proudly showing off their hard work.

"I feel quite emotional," Adam concluded as he congratulated the couple on their new venture, appearing choked up.

Adam explained at the end of the programme that Karen and James were continuing to work on their business and grow their new venture.

Channel 5 viewers were thrilled to see the couple celebrate success with the smoking business, and took to Twitter to cheer them on.

"Well done James and Karen, a very heartwarming story. Honest and open. Did a brilliant job on the smoker. Hope it goes from strength to strength," one wrote.

Another said: “Potter Farm become a success and helps the family find happiness and security. Will try and order again soon, sounds delicious."

Our Family Farm Rescue with Adam Henson airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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