A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton dejected as couple blast ‘ugly’ views of property

A Place in the Sun: Couple reject property over its ‘ugly’ views

Channel 4 viewers were transported to the picturesque Greek island of Kefalonia on Thursday as A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton tried to find holiday home hunters Fiona and Joe their dream property. With a budget of £250,000 and wiggle room to take it up to £300,000, Laura lined up five stunning properties to show the two and appeared to be ticking boxes time after time during their search. However, when Fiona, Joe and Laura got to the fourth property, Joe’s mood soon changed.

Joe and Fiona were keen to move to the Greek island having spent many years visiting the location.

The Channel 4 guests were looking for a property to initially be used as a holiday home suitable for themselves, their three children and one grandchild.

Above all else, Joe emphasised his desire for stunning views in whichever property they were shown – something Laura managed to deliver on with her first three options.

But property number four, a three-bedroom detached house in the town of Sarlata, missed the mark – and Joe didn’t mince his words.

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On the market for around £286,000, Joe and Fiona’s lukewarm reception was evident as soon as they arrived at the house.

Despite being unimpressed by the property’s “curb appeal”, the two still decided to have a look inside and it looked like their opinions were starting to sway.

However, although they warmed to the interior, the views were the final straw for Joe who took issue with the surrounding neighbours and blocked sea view.

“It’s not doing it for me. I’m not moved like I’ve been moved previously,” Joe admitted when he and Fiona headed to the terrace.

As they reconvened with Laura, Joe and Fiona ruled the property out altogether, but not before Joe delivered some cutting words about the views.

“They’ve done a beautiful job inside,” Joe began to Laura. “(But) it’s got some fairly ugly aspects to the view in terms of construction sites right next door.

“It’s not for us,” Joe defiantly said, with Fiona nodding in agreement with her other half.

Trying not to dwell on the failed property, a dejected Laura swiftly kept the search going as she chimed: “Moving on.”

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While the fourth property was a dead end, Laura did manage to wow the couple with her fifth and final property.

The three-bedroom detached house with sea views blew Fiona and Joe away, in no small part because of its breathtaking terrace which overlooked the sea.

And after three years on the market and having been recently reduced to £267,000, they decided to make an offer.

However, it wasn’t at asking price as Fiona and Joe revealed their plans to build a pool into the land which came with the house.

Instead, they initially put forward an offer of £230,000, something Laura admitted was “on the low side”.

Joe defended the offer as he opened up about the need for a pool but the owner still rejected their first bid.

In one last go, Fiona and Joe put forward £255,000 but insisted that was as far as they’d be willing to go.

When the owner countered with £260,000, Joe and Fiona decided to walk away, insisting the “maths didn’t work”.

A Place in the Sun continues weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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